Noah cyrus and lil xan song

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How Lil Xan's Breakup With Noah Cyrus Hooked the Internet

noah cyrus and lil xan song

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Things got really messy when Noah Cyrus and Lil Xan called it quits back in September and it seems like the drama hasn't slowed down. Struggling to keep up with all of the dirt? Don't worry, we've got an extensive timeline of everything that went down between the ex-couple. It's been awhile since we heard from Noah Cyrus and her ex, Lil Xan, and I, for one, was enjoying the peace and quiet. Unfortunately, the break is over and the drama is back in a BIG way, because Lil Xan is going to have a baby! And, no, it's not Noah's. Just a few hours later, Noah posted a selfie of her crying on her Instagram story.

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The pair both shared a series of emotional social media posts on Monday where they appeared to discuss what had gone wrong with their relationship. Noah Cyrus and new boyfriend Lil Xan are already calling it quits. Both Cyrus, 18, and the SoundCloud rapper, 21, shared a series of emotional Instagram posts on Monday where they spoke about how people are always using them while appearing to discuss what had gone wrong with their relationship. The post has since been deleted. Cyrus eventually went on to confirm he had accused her of cheating on him as she shared a screenshot of a text message between the pair.

Is Noah Cyrus's New Song About Her Breakup With Lil Xan?

Now he's on his own. And whose fault that is has devolved into a engrossing game of he said, she said. The Redlands, Calif.

Oh No, Lil Xan Posted a Pic of Noah Cyrus and Everyone's Worried They're Getting Back Together

What were you up to the evening Lil Xan went on Instagram Live and tearfully revealed that he and Noah Cyrus had broken up? Don't remember? That's probably because you had no idea who Lil Xan was at the time! But it's been an entire week since that mess went down , and nowin the summer plot twist no one saw comingtheir breakup is dominating headlines and there's no escaping from Xan's tearful lil' tattooed face. So, like, guess we should dig into their relationship a little deeper, right? Also, apologies in advance for all the drama to which you're about to be subjected. It works, people!

Lil Xan set the record straight on his relationship and breakup with Noah Cyrus. The rapper and Noah had a short-lived romance , but their split on Sept. Now, weeks after their public breakup, Lil Xan is taking full responsibility for the end of their relationship. The "Slingshot" rapper also said, "It was my fault. It also put me in a darker place because I was getting slammed left and right. Despite calling their relationship "toxic" in an earlier interview with Adam22 , Lil Xan said he had "nothing but love for the Cyrus family. He was "coming down from all the drugs and everywhere" after it all happened.

Lil Xan and Noah Cyrus aren't just boyfriend and girlfriendthey're also musical collaborators. The duo released the song rather quickly. According to her Instagram account, Noah and Lil Xan wrote the song and decided to share it with the world in just a week and a half. News of Noah and Lil Xan's relationship broke earlier this month. However, the rapper actually started pursuing the singer at the beginning of the year.


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