Cory booker and t bone

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Remember 'T-Bone,' Cory Booker's Imaginary Drug Dealer Friend?

cory booker and t bone

Remember 'T-Bone,' Cory Booker's Imaginary Drug Dealer Friend? The New Jersey senator is a friend of criminal justice reform, but his best.

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Those who knew Booker then said the character was a fabrication. Frank Lautenberg, the tale of T-Bone is back with a vengeance. An article published Thursday in the conservative National Review rehashed the story, quoting respected Newark historian Clement Price, who said the mayor confessed to him that T-Bone was a tall tale. The Booker campaign declined to comment but spokesman Kevin Griffis cited previous comments Booker has made in which he insisted T-Bone was a real person but conceded he was used to illustrate a larger point. He is 1, percent a real person," Booker said in

Cory Booker spun around and saw the woman standing on the stoop of her squat three-story apartment building. Her name is Stephanie.
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Basically every time the guy opens his mouth he makes me mad. He wants new rules. Why does this make me mad? But, it makes me mad because I have friends who live along the border, friends who have found large amounts of marijuana on their ranches and farms, so much that they had to call Border Patrol to come and get it, and then faced retaliation courtesy of damaged property by the people who illegally snuck across the border with the weed. Go to the Radio Shows section of his website and scroll down if you want to listen. None of that matters to Cory Booker.

Cory Booker Campaign Slams National Review After Allegations That He Made Up A Drug-Dealing Friend

You are now logged in. Forgot your password? - AP On Thursday, National Review's Eliana Johnson wrote a detailed account that alleged a key character in one of Cory Booker's frequent campaign-trail stories — a drug dealer named T-Bone who once threatened Booker's life but then became his friend — is imaginary. Booker's campaign responded by going hard after the conservative-leaning publication, and it continued to insist that "T-Bone" is indeed a real person.


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