Paul mccartney and jimmy fallon

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Sir Paul McCartney/Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga

paul mccartney and jimmy fallon

With Jimmy Fallon, Paul McCartney, Tony Bennett, Lady Gaga. Sir Paul McCartney (Destiny () and Hope for the Future ()). Also: Tony Bennett and.

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Most of the time, the fans could barely contain themselves other than one guy whose only reaction was to lift his eyebrows. For the first couple of groups, Fallon and McCartney sat holding newspapers in front of their faces and revealed their identities one at time. Fallon showed himself first, to the delight of fans who got an even bigger surprise when they saw a Beatle sitting in front of them when McCartney lowered his paper. Wanna see a magic trick? In what had to be the most surreal experience for any of the groups, the elevator door opened to show the two playing Ping-Pong. The guy who barely reacted was part of this collection maybe it was just too much of a shock.

Jimmy Fallon is on a roll when it comes to landing rock stars to appear on his show. Fallon could barely contain his glee as Sir Paul walked on-stage, where he was met with rapturous applause from the studio audience. The "cute Beatle" was recently in Washington to add a Kennedy Center Honor to his nearly endless list of accolades. He admitted that as an Englishman, he wasn't aware of the stature of the award - it's America's most prestigious recognition for lifetime contributions to the performing arts - but that he was floored to receive it. When asked by Fallon to single out some of his biggest career thrills, though, McCartney pointed to his first visit to the White House last June to receive the Gershwin Award - where he also had his first introduction to President Obama and First Lady Michelle - as a highlight. Sir Paul said that playing his famed love ballad "Michelle" in honor of the first lady was a moment he really treasured.

Registered in Ireland: The former Beatle played table tennis, hid behind a newspaper and appeared from behind a cloak in the corridor outside the lifts at the Rockefeller Centre as visitors being shown around the building looked on in bemusement. PaulMcCartney and Jimmy surprise fans in the 30 Rock elevators! More fun with Paul tonight!! At the beginning of the clip, Paul, 76, and Fallon are seated opposite the lift doors, wearing smoking jackets, smoking pipes and concealing their faces behind newspapers.

Is there any better prank to pull than surprising people with Paul McCartney? Jimmy Fallon teamed up with the delightful musician in a pre-taped segment on Thursday's The Tonight Show , where they gave random people the unexpected thrill of a lifetime in the halls of 30 Rockefeller Plaza. Groups of people were loaded into elevators for a supposed tour of the famed building, however the elevators were rigged to open on the wrong floor, where Fallon and McCartney were waiting to surprise them. Donning smoking jackets and sitting in plush velvet loungers, the late-night host and former Beatle hid their faces by pretending to read the paper. When the elevator doors opened, the unsuspecting tourists were greeted to the odd sight of two fancy gentleman louging around in the middle of the landing.

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Paul McCartney Surprises Unsuspecting Elevator Riders -- And They Lose Their Minds!



Is there any better prank to pull than surprising people with Paul McCartney? Jimmy Fallon teamed up with the delightful musician in a.
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