Donald trump and bible prophecy

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Miriam Adelson aligns Donald Trump with biblical prophets

donald trump and bible prophecy

The world is uneasy with the United States' election of Donald Trump as its forty- fifth president. One could not help but marvel at his ascendency to the.

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Businessman and television celebrity Donald Trump has gotten a lot of attention since he announced his presidential campaign on June he has often dominated the mainstream news from that time to present. He has been prophetic in the sense that his election, statements, and policies have pushed towards the fulfillment of various biblical prophecies. Initially believed by many pundits as likely to just self-implode when he announced his candidacy, Donald Trump has repeatedly defied 'conventional wisdom' in USA politics. He spoken out strongly on many matters and differently than many other US politicians. Years ago, he has claimed to be a Republican, then Independent, then Democrat, but later switched to be part of the Republican party.

Donald Trump and Christian Prophecy Millions of evangelical Christians supported Trump and helped lead him to victory on November 8, in the stunning upset.
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A charismatic pastor in New Jersey who also calls himself a rabbi leads a church fixated on end times. Credit Credit. By Sam Kestenbaum. Photographs by Andrew White. Stage lights shifted from blue to white as the backing band played a drifting melody. Cahn said, pacing behind a lectern. Then he spread his hands wide.

CNN One of the most unique -- and hard to grasp -- phenomena of Donald Trump's presidential candidacy and his time in the White House is the solid and unwavering support he has enjoyed from evangelical Christians. Witness former presidential candidate -- and former House member -- Michele Bachmann, R-Minnesota, in an i nterview over the weekend with a Christian conservative radio show called "Understanding These Times" :. In each episode of his weekly YouTube show, Chris Cillizza will delve a little deeper into the surreal world of politics. Click to subscribe! Chat with us in Facebook Messenger.

But Miriam Adelson took it one step further on Thursday. The Israeli-American physician compared the president to biblical prophets in an article in which she asked why he has not enjoyed higher support among American Jews. Last year, Trump honored the Israeli-born Adelson with a Presidential Medal of Freedom, noting her career in medicine and philanthropy. Jerusalem Post Diaspora. Share on facebook Share on twitter.

Michele Bachmann claimed that Donald Trump is 'highly biblical.' So ...

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Donald Trump in Prophecy




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