Diners drive ins and dives spokane

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Ruins, Spokane

diners drive ins and dives spokane

Visit all the near Flavortown Spokane diner locations that have been featured on the DDD Food List of Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives Located near Spokane, WA.

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The Elk Drug Store in Spokane has changed many times over its 90 year history. If you look at the images for this stop you can see some of the old perscriptions dating back to , fair warning doctors' handwriting has not gotten any easier to read over the last years. As people moved on, Stone replaced Sutherland with a new partner, LeFevre, by Stone was the sole proprietor of the business. By W. Stone moved on from his business and C.

The story of Celeste owner and the farmhouse in this non-descript location is such a great find. The vintage decor, the laid back atmosphere with a little bit of quirky, and the fact that they had both outdoor seating and a little sandbox area for kids -were all pluses in my book! I had to visit this place and I'm so glad I did, because I fell in love with it immediately. And I got to meet Celeste in person, who was super sweet! We went with family so everyone ordered something different. A Monte Cristo sandwich, a curried chicken salad sandwich for me and other sandwiches for the rest. We all concluded that everything was delicious and certainly worth another visit.

Looking for the best burger in Spokane? So, what makes the best burger the best? Quality meat, ground beef patty, fresh buns, flavor and seasoning, ingredient creativity, creamy spreads, appropriate burger to bun ratio, etc. This burger is loaded with homemade pickles, american cheese, chopped onions, and dill mayo. You just do. If you order the burger on the dinner menu, it comes with two patties.

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