Don henry and kevin ives

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Man Claims to Have Witnessed Murders of “Boys on the Tracks”

don henry and kevin ives

On August 23, , the bodies of year old Don Henry and year old Kevin Ives, were hit by a cargo train in Alexander, Arkansas as they lay on the tracks.


By all accounts, Kevin Ives and Don Henry were pretty average teenagers. According to witnesses, the boys had spent most of the night of August 22, , hanging around a local parking lot — a popular spot for teens in the small town of Alexander, Arkansas. But they had no intention of sticking around. When Curtis Henry had realized that neither of the boys had returned home by 5 AM he knew that something had been very wrong. Henry called up Linda Ives and asked if she had seen the boys.

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Two teenagers are murdered and their bodies placed on railroad tracks. In the pre-dawn hours of August 23, , a ton cargo train made its regular night run to Little Rock, Arkansas. The train was just over a mile long and was traveling at a speed of 52 miles per hour. The train had been riding smoothly as engineer Stephen Shroyer approached the small town of Bryant, Arkansas. As the train drew closer, Shroyer made the horrifying discovery that two boys were lying motionless across the railroad tracks:. The two victims were identified as year-old Don Henry and year-old Kevin Ives, best friends and popular seniors at Bryant High School.

On August 23, , a train conductor called in an incident in Arkansas. Unable to stop in time, he had just run over what looked like the bodies of two young men tied to the tracks. Because that explanation seems pretty unlikely, rumors swirled that the boys had stumbled on a drug drop and had been killed as a result. The most bizarre part? He said he had been hired by a local politician to act as hired security for the drop and had witnessed Henry and Ives killed. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account.

On August 23, , the bodies of year old Don Henry and year old Kevin Ives , were hit by a cargo train in Alexander , Arkansas as they lay on the tracks. The train driver attempted to stop and blew the horn, but the momentum of the train carried it over the bodies. The death was initially ruled an accident as a result of the boys sleeping on the tracks due to marijuana intoxication. The parents of the boys insisted on a second autopsy , and after exhumation it was ruled this was not the case, and likely a homicide. Later another pathologist ruled Don Henry's shirt showed evidence of a stab wound.

Don Henry and Kevin Ives

Since shortly after the bodies of her year-old son, Kevin Ives, and his friend, year-old Don Henry, were found early Aug. In an Aug. The lawsuit, filed by attorney R.
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Eventually the case ran cold. Today, 31 years later, Haynes whose real name is William Albert Haynes claims he witnessed their deaths: a double homicide. No one has ever been arrested. Haynes says he sobered up a few years ago and reached out to Larry and Linda Ives after years of guilt. His side job eventually brought him to Arkansas.


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