The last book in the universe quotes and page numbers

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The Last Book in the Universe

the last book in the universe quotes and page numbers

11 quotes from The Last Book in the Universe: 'The only real treasure is in your head. Memories are better than diamonds and nobody can steal them from you'.


By Signing up, you agree to our privacy policy. Because nobody around here reads anymore. Why bother, when you can just probe it? Put all the images and excitement right inside your brain and let it rip. There are all kinds of mindprobes -- trendies, shooters, sexbos, whatever you want to experience. Shooters are violent, and trendies are about living in Eden, and sexbos, well you can guess what sexbos are about. They say probing is better than anything.

I know who the real hero is, and it isn't me or brave Lanaya. It's an old man with a white beard and a walking stick and a heart so big it won't let him stop thinking he can change the world by writing down things in a book no one will ever read. Shut up! I'm thinking maybe letting the latches burn is the right idea. Let everything burn until there's nothing left but ashes and cool rain. Do not despair, my friend.

Set in a cyberpunk dystopia , its protagonist and narrator is a teenage boy named Spaz who suffers from epilepsy. The Urb is plagued by poverty, thieves, gang warfare, and the use of mindprobes. Mindprobes are analogous to hard drugs and enable users to temporarily escape their harsh lives through images like movies being played in their heads. Genetically improved people, called "proovs," A play on "improved" live in a city called Eden , with a beautiful society, food and water. Eden is separated from the Urb by the "Forbidden Zone," a deadly and dangerous minefield.

Everybody has a story," he insists. Secret things you know. Ryter wants to record his own memories, not because he has done anything particularly extravagant or noble, but because he believes there is a value to stories, ideas, and memories. Spaz begins the story not thinking very much of himself, but through the help of Ryter and his other friends, he learns his own value and the power of an individual to change the world. For some reason the idea of 'future' gets inside my head and won't let go. That's like a time that doesn't exist yet. A world full of people who haven't been born yet, doing things that nobody's thought of yet.

The Last Book in the Universe Quotes

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The Last Book In The Universe Quotes

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