Can you get a liquor license for a food truck

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A first: NYC food truck scores a liquor license

can you get a liquor license for a food truck

If you are required by state or local law to use a commissary, you will still need While some food trucks do go through the steps to get liquor licenses, doing so.

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Without meeting food storage, preparation, handling, and sanitation standards, you will not be able to legally operate and may cause harm to customers and risk to the business by doing so illegally. Typically, the authority on health-related permits is the state or local Department of Health, although it may also be called the Department of Public Health or the Department of Environmental Health. To keep your food service license current, your mobile kitchen will be subject to on-site inspections, sometimes at random, and you must provide proof of insurance and sales tax registration. If you are required by state or local law to use a commissary, you will still need your food truck to meet health and safety standards. The commercial kitchen space you choose to employ must also be up to code. An inspection permit will be issued from the local Fire Department once you meet all fire safety standards including the proper handling of any on-board fire hazards and the installation and testing of required fire detection and extinguishing systems.

Liquor license conundrum: Even though you have a legal mobile business, you cannot obtain a liquor license if your food truck moves from.
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People are playing cricket on the grass nearby. And then a truck arrives. It pulls up next to the burger trucks, slides open a window, erects a sunshade and starts serving ice-cold stubbies. After a couple of rounds it rolls out, leaving you to enjoy your encroaching sunburn. Jerome Borazio has had this dream. What more could you want? Borazio says he actively looked into the possibility of making a beer boat happen.

The Legal Side of Owning a Food Truck

Food truck businesses require several licenses and permits to operate. - This excerpt is part of Entrepreneur.

Why Isnít There a Summer Beer Truck?

Food trucks these days offer everything from pizza and schnitzels to cupcakes and artisan ice cream. Until now, alcohol wasn't on the menu. Starting Friday, it will serve beer, wine and cocktails, including those made with vodka, rum, gin, tequila and whiskey. Two other food truck vendors in Central Park are planning to apply for a liquor license as well, confirmed a spokesman for the SLA. One stipulation of the license, however, is ensuring that customers with alcoholic beverages do not wander beyond the seating area of the Tavern on the Green Food Truck Terrace or into Central Park. To that end, the Pera truck will use cups with a yellow band for its alcoholic beverages, and it will designate certain tables for customers who want to imbibe.

We know that restaurants, clubs and other establishments that sell or serve alcohol need to have a liquor license in order to do so. In addition, owners and employees working around alcohol should also have undergone the proper training to ensure the business operates legally and safely. However, do the same standards apply to people and businesses that want to sell or serve alcohol temporarily at outdoor events? This becomes a serious curiosity as the temperatures rise here in Texas and everyone wants to gather together outside and soak in the sun. Do your research before taking advantage of the opportunity to sell wine, liquor or cold beer outside at your event! We are here to help you obtain your license from the TABC!

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How to Obtain a Liquor License






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