Can you start a sentence with on the other hand

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Transition Words

can you start a sentence with on the other hand

On the one hand cannot be used alone. If you start a sentence with on the one hand, then you must pair it with on the other hand to introduce the second idea.

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It's similar to "conversely," but it doesn't always describe an opposite situation. Living in a cold climate is difficult for some people; on the other hand , there are many fun winter activities, such as sledding, that you can't do in a warm climate. On one hand, the development of new technology has made our lives easier; on the other hand , it has also resulted in the development of weapons that can kill large numbers of people. On one hand, owning a swimming pool is a great luxury; on the other hand , it reduces the amount of yard space available for growing fruit and vegetables. Life in the United States is easy compared to other parts of the world; on the other hand , the stress of daily American life makes one wonder how easy it really is.

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When I posted the article Can You End a Sentence with a Preposition , I was surprised by how many people asked if you can start a sentence with a preposition. Here's the answer. Many people were taught that they shouldn't end a sentence with a preposition. Today, however, most language experts don't abide by this "rule"—it's often called a myth. Read more at Ending a Sentence with a Preposition. However, after I posted the article about ending sentences with prepositions, I was surprised by how many people asked if it is OK to start a sentence with a preposition.

Can You Start a Sentence with a Preposition?

On the one hand, on the other hand - English grammar

Easy Words to Use as Sentence Starters to Write Better Essays

We use it when we want to talk about something which goes against something that has already been said. Let me give you some ways to use it in sentences. Peter is very talented. A: Rebecca said you were late today. B: I was only two minutes late. She, on the other hand, has been ten minutes late three times this week. This house is quite expensive for me now.

As a "part of speech" transition words are used to link words, phrases or sentences. They help the reader to progress from one idea expressed by the author to the next idea. - Virginia has been a university English instructor for over 20 years. She specializes in helping people write essays faster and easier.

"On the other hand" at the beginning of a paragraph

By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. It only takes a minute to sign up. I'm in a situation where the argument for "On the one hand" is long. The argument for "on the other hand" is about the same length. If I put them in the same paragraph, the paragraph becomes much longer than the other paragraphs. Many good questions generate some degree of opinion based on expert experience, but answers to this question will tend to be almost entirely based on opinions, rather than facts, references, or specific expertise.

On the other hand definition: You use on the other hand to introduce the second of two contrasting Example sentences containing 'on the other hand' Once we've done that we will start again. All ENGLISH words that begin with 'O'.
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