When can i sleep flat after tummy tuck

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This Is Why You Canít Sleep in Your Favorite Position After Plastic Surgery

when can i sleep flat after tummy tuck

STOPS - Swelling with Tummy Tuck


There is both a financial investment as well as a time investment in the recovery process. Above all else, however, there is concern of the unknown. Many of my own Scottsdale patients wonder:. A tummy tuck naturally puts tension on the horizontal closure. Tightening of the abdominal muscles also creates some discomfort when completely upright; therefore staying slightly bent at the waist is more comfortable during the first week and takes pressure of the incision. Doing so, however, may result in some temporary back strain. A walker or a cane may be helpful for some.

By Elise Minton Tabin March 30, The procedure performed will dictate the best position for hitting the hay. Wayne, NJ facial plastic surgeon Jeffrey B. Body procedures are a little different. Butt augmentation procedures are a little different and require the most adjustment for the longest period of time. Parakh says that when fat is transferred to the butt, only a portion of the fat survives in its new location.

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You probably know that getting enough sleep is key to looking and feeling your best each day. Numerous studies have shown that people who prioritize sleep are more likely to have a sharper memory, find it easier to maintain a healthy weight , and even have younger-looking skin compared to those who skimp on sleep. Sleep facilitates healing and helps your immune system work optimally, which not only helps you bounce back to your normal energy level more quickly, but also helps your results heal optimallyóand look beautiful as quickly as possible after surgery. Most procedures call for a modified sleeping position during the initial weeks of recovery to protect healing incisions, minimize swelling, and avoid placing pressure on the surgery site. All it takes is some smart planning. Plan to sleep on your back for about 4 to 6 weeks after breast augmentation to prevent undue strain on your incisions and keep pressure off of tender breast tissues as they heal.

Tummy Tuck Recovery: Timeline, Tips, and More

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  1. But, as a major surgical intervention, tummy tucks can affect how you sit down, stand up, and most importantly, sleep.

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