Can you make hot dogs in an air fryer

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The Easiest Air Fryer Hot Dogs

can you make hot dogs in an air fryer

Perfectly crisp hot dogs and toasted buns can be made in minutes with the help of your air fryer. Add any toppings you please.

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Perfectly crispy air fryer hot dogs and toasted buns ready in just a few minutes! These are the best hot dogs that you will ever make, simple, easy and delicious! And the obsession with the air fryer continues. In our house, we literally use the air fryer every day. Did you know that you can make crispy fried chicken in the air fryer but using just a fraction of the oil?

This post may contain affiliate links, please read my full disclaimer here. I love a good hot dog but not all hot dog cooking methods are made the same. Air Frying hot dogs is so quick and easy and there are multiple reasons why you should do it:. First, I like to cut small little slits in my hot dogs. This is not a required step at all, I like to do this to make hot dogs pretty and to mimic a grill line. When my hubby makes the hot dogs in the Air Fryer, he does not do this and it all works fine.

Now that we have made air fryer hot dogs my daughter will not eat them any other way. We always made grilled or boiled, but air fried cannot be beaten. They cook up quickly and make a great option for picky eaters during the holiday time. They are a go-to here! Score the hot dogs so that they have little slits, this will make it look nice and prevent them from bursting and enlarging in areas. The air fryer should be set at degrees F. Bake them for 5 minutes and then rotate a little and cook for 3 more minutes.

Want to learn how to cook hot dogs in the air fryer? If you like your dogs crispy and charred, you will love this air fryer method.
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You loved it at the restaurant, now make it at home. Try it out Again. Air Fryer Hot Dogs are a new dish that I have tried making in my air fryer. I know if you have an air fryer, or perhaps if you want to get one, you may wonder what else can you cook in your air fryer. Hot dogs, and yes, you can make air fryer hot dogs. Do you love hot dogs that are grilled? These hot dogs when cooked in your air fryer take about 8 minutes and they are cooked equally all the way around the hot dog.

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Recipe by: Soup Loving Nicole. I will never make hot dogs any other way. This is pure genius. The hot dogs in my Philips air fryer needed about 5 minutes. I made slits in them to give more crispiness. I also used gluten free



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  1. You can make delicious hot dogs in an air fryer that taste just like grilled. Learn how to cook hot dogs in the air fryer with this easy recipe.

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