Can you sue if you get pregnant on mirena

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What happens if I get pregnant with an IUD?

can you sue if you get pregnant on mirena

*EMOTIONAL* I GOT PREGNANT WITH AN IUD - Pregnant with Baby #2 - Taylor Lindsay

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Mirena is an intrauterine device IUD that was developed by Bayer Pharmaceuticals to prevent pregnancy for up to five years. This device, though a highly innovative form of birth control, has caused many life-threatening complications for users including device migration , uterine perforation , ectopic pregnancy , and pelvic inflammatory disease. Since , according to the FDA, there has been a reported 47, users suffering from adverse effects of using the device which has led to numerous Mirena lawsuits. Approximately 8. While the Mirena IUD helps many women effectively prevent pregnancy, it has been proven to have serious side effects and victims are seeking compensation and justice from the pharmaceutical company. Hundreds of lawsuits have been filed and victims have received compensation for their injuries.

Several months ago, Judge Engelmayer heard arguments from both the plaintiffs' and defense Bayer attorneys regarding their respective positions on the science in this case. These arguments are of critical importance since the judge is determining what evidence will be allowed in the case. Unfortunately, on October 24, , Judge Engelmayer ruled to exclude the testimony of all seven plaintiffs' experts. In essence, he ruled that he did not believe that the plaintiffs' experts had enough scientific evidence to support the allegations that Mirena was causing the injuries claimed. We obviously strongly disagree with his findings. The plaintiffs' attorneys are working together to appeal his decision. Mirena is a hormonal intrauterine device IUD inserted into the uterus for long-term pregnancy prevention.

Are you suffering from side effects from using Mirena? If so, you may be able to file a lawsuit to recover compensation. Mirena is given to women who want to prevent pregnancy. It is a implanted in the uterus. The device is made of a type of plastic containing a contraceptive. The plastic in the device allows it to be flexible enough to stay in the uterus. The product releases the medication over time.

Now we understand that because IUDs are so effective at preventing intrauterine pregnancies that, if a pregnancy does occur, there's a higher.
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Birth control is a business with a lot of money at stake and has drug companies vying for the profits from birth control pills and other methods of contraception. Even given the age of the birth control pill over 60 years , the drug companies are continuing to make new pharmaceutical and contraceptive devices at an unprecedented rate. The Mirena IUD, on the United States market since , comes from a long history of intrauterine devices, and its path appears to be just as troubled. A Mirena IUD can, among other things, perforate the uterus, causing a dangerous medical condition that needs to be addressed immediately. An intrauterine device is a type of long-lasting birth control which is designed to be implanted directly into the uterus. There are only three hormonal IUDs currently available on the U.

New Patient Appointment. Call Us: New Patient Appointment or Your Pregnancy Matters. The intrauterine device IUD is one of the most popular and reliable form of reversible birth control on the market. There are two strings attached that a doctor, advanced practice nurse, or physician assistant can use to remove the IUD when it expires after 3 to 10 years, depending on the type used , when a patient chooses to become pregnant, or, in rare cases, when a complication develops.

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Disclaimer Terms of privacy. Likewise, if you previously took this prescription medication, talk to a lawyer about your rights; you may be entitled to damages. - The recent slew of Mirena IUD lawsuit ads are creepy.

A A +. A photo of a baby holding a Mirena IUD has the internet in awe. According to Parents, if you do become pregnant with an IUD, call your.
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  1. You can always sue, the chance that you prevail on a lawsuit is slim. to litigate, it is likely that even if you won at trial your recovery could be.

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