Can you fry a turkey in canola oil

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Here's Why You Should Deep Fry Your Thanksgiving Turkey

can you fry a turkey in canola oil

Chicken in canola oil

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Depending on the size of the bird, it only takes approximately 30 minutes of cooking time to have a delicious, moist turkey. For a whole turkey, estimate 3 minutes per pound as the cooking time. Always check for doneness with a meat thermometer. More tips are below. You can find turkey deep fryers at most hardware stores and now there are electric ones that work beautifully. Deep frying is a dry heat method. Having your canola oil at the right temperature is the key to success in producing a crisp and not greasy end result.

D eep-frying makes everything taste good, including Thanksgiving turkey. But which oil should you choose? Our friends at Underwriters Laboratories have put together a helpful primer on how turkey frying can go very, very wrong.
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Preparing a turkey the traditional way in an oven requires careful planning, hours of baking and basting, and constant attention. As a result, cooking a turkey can turn your Thanksgiving from a fun holiday with the family to a stress-filled nightmare. So, rather than sitting in front of the oven all day, many adventurous cooks are choosing to deep fry their Thanksgiving turkey. The process of deep frying a turkey is relatively simple, but choosing the right oil for turkey deep fryers and figuring out how much to use is very important. If you're considering using a fryer for your next turkey, the useful information and tips below are a great place to start. As a general rule of thumb, you should use cooking oils that are low in saturated fat, as the turkey will absorb a small amount of oil as it cooks.

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Turkey Fryer Oil FAQs

This colorful dressing has layers of flavor that make a delicious side dish on its own as well as part of the Turkey Roulade. No need to season the turkey skin, since it will be thrown away. But first tuck lemon zest, thyme and sage leaves under the skin so these flavors can penetrate the meat. Turkey should be served more than a few times a year. Take a break from the norm of sage or rosemary and try a garden fresh, lemon-dill approach on your turkey. Canola oil lets these bright flavors shine through. Slow cooking also helps the dish retain its juices for an extra rich and effortless au jus.

First of all, we recognize that the hoards of people who insist you should fry your turkey for Thanksgiving can be scary and annoying because they proselytize it like a religion. But it turns out they're also right. It frees up valuable oven space and time for sides, dressing, casseroles, and pies hallelujah! Our fryer came with a quart pot. If you have a gas grill, you probably already have a propane tank. If you don't have a gas grill, you probably don't have a propane tank, so you'll need to get one. In most parts of the country, you can buy and fill propane tanks at large hardware stores.

Tips on Deep-Frying a Turkey

While most fryers and turkeys are often the same or similar, there are many oils that could be used as turkey fryer oil. So which oil should be the best option for turkey frying, and why? One specific item to consider when frying with oil is the temperature at which the oil will begin to burn, also known as the flash point. For frying turkeys, which can weigh up to 20 pounds, you should use an oil that has a high flash point. While there are a number of oils that can be used, such as peanut oil, vegetable oil, canola oil and corn oil, each has its own good and not so good points.

Stan Mack is a business writer specializing in finance, business ethics and human resources. Mack studied philosophy and economics at the University of Memphis. Traditionally, cooks use peanut oil to fry turkeys because of the flavor it adds, but you can use other common cooking oils. Whichever cooking oil you choose, make sure its smoke point is higher than the degrees Fahrenheit you must maintain to fry the turkey. An oil's smoke point is the temperature at which it begins to break down and create irritating smoke. The following are the smoke points for alternative cooking oils suitable for frying a turkey.

you can enjoy the fun and great taste of deep-fried turkey trans fat free with zero guilt, by deep-frying your turkey in heart healthy canola oil. Canola oil is low in.
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