Can you get stomach cancer at a young age

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Clinical characteristics of young-age onset gastric cancer in Korea

can you get stomach cancer at a young age

Heartburn could be a symptom of stomach cancer

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Gastric cancer is an aggressive disease with nonspecific early symptoms. Its incidence and prognosis in young patients has shown considerable variability. The study was undertaken to describe the experience of gastric cancer in this population, and to demonstrate its specific clinical and pathological characteristics. Thirty cases of gastric carcinoma were reviewed. In Latin America, the incidence of gastric cancer varies by region. Several countries, such as Chile

Gastric cancer is the fourth most common cancer worldwide and more frequently detected in Asian countries including Korea and Japan. The incidence of young-age gastric cancer GC is increasing worldwide, but clinical behavior of young-age GC patients is not well established.
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Arredondo was 33 years old in and working in IT sales out of Chicago when he was diagnosed with stage 2 stomach cancer. He has a wife and 2 boys who were ages 4 and 1 at the time. Cancer is not as common among young adults — those younger than age 40 — as it is among older adults. Another reason is because most young adults tend to be healthier and not go to the doctor unless they feel they really need to. But Arredondo did go to the doctor when he noticed symptoms, including pain, fatigue, blood in his stool, and bloating. Even so, his cancer diagnosis was a shock. Arredondo finished treatment in June and doctors found no more evidence of cancer.

Diaries of two women who were under age 35 at the time of diagnosis of gastric cancer are presented. Because the disease is relatively rare in the young and the symptoms are very similar to benign ulcers, the diagnosis is often made late. Radiological investigation, signs, symptoms and family history must be carefully scrutinized; if medical ulcer therapy has no effect, every attempt must be made to reach a further diagnosis as soon as possible. National Center for Biotechnology Information , U. Journal List Can Fam Physician v.

Gastric cancer GC is one of the most common causes of cancer-related death. Every year, 1 million new cases of GC are diagnosed and , die of this disease worldwide 1 , 2. Most patients with GC are diagnosed with advanced GC and overall survival remains poor. GC is difficult to diagnose in young people and is asymptomatic even in the advanced stages of the disease. The prognosis for young patients remains controversial.

Stomach Cancer Survivor Supports Other Young Adults With Cancer

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Alarming Increase in Stomach Cancer in People Under 50

We respect your privacy. A new study shows that a type of stomach cancer is increasing in Americans under age The trend is perplexing because overall, stomach cancer rates have fallen for many decades and continue to decline in people 50 and older. Noncardia gastric cancer is defined as cancer of the lower part of the stomach. If current patterns continue, forecasting models predict two notable reversals by Overall incidence will no longer be decreasing, and female incidence will exceed male incidence rates.

Gastric cancer in young people under 30 years of age: worse prognosis, or delay in diagnosis?



We reviewed the cases of histologically confirmed gastric cancer between . gastric cancer can aid in the study of carcinogenesis at this age.
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  1. Stomach cancer survivor Roy Arredondo says he's learned a lot during Cancer is not as common among young adults – those younger than age 40 – as it “I was scared I wasn't going to see my 2 young boys get past grade school. I met amazing survivors and learned how to deal with life after cancer.

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