Will ferrell joaquin phoenix interview

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'Are You Sometimes a Little B*tch?': Will Ferrell Interviews Joaquin Phoenix

will ferrell joaquin phoenix interview

Joaquin Phoenix appears aggressive to journalist

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Will Ferrell seems like kind of a weird guy, and Joaquin Phoenix seems like a completely different kind of weird guy, so Interview Magazine decided to get them on the phone together and have Ferrell conduct a weird interview with Phoenix. Another big topic that comes up is bananas, with Ferrell seeming to be in favor of them while Phoenix—unsurprisingly—is not. They also touch on the difficulty of working with horses, which mostly centers around how hard it is to remember their names. Ferrell: When you worked with M. Night Shyamalan, did you ever just once call him M.

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Zack Sharf. What happens when Will Ferrell is assigned to interview the notoriously press shy Joaquin Phoenix? The amazing answer can be found in the April edition of I nterview Magazine. The publication facilitated a phone interview between the two actors, who traded extremely priceless one-liners with each other while they avoided talking about anything too serious. The phone conversation between the two just so happened to take place on February

I think everyone can agree that Will Ferrell made the right choice when he decided to pursue comedy, but if he ever gets tired of making millions of dollars starring in major motion pictures, journalism might not be a bad second option. Here are some of our favorite moments. The interview took place on Valentine's Day, so, naturally, the Hallmark holiday was one of the first things Ferrell brought up. One of the perks to having an actor interview another actor is that they can discuss their craft with someone who understands. And in case you need a reminder of the Old School scene to which Ferrell is referring There was only one thing on Ferrell's mind regarding Phoenix's role in the M.

Last month, Interview magazine decided against sending a seasoned interviewer to chat with its April cover star, Joaquin Phoenix, and sent someone who might have a little bit more in common with the actor: comedian Will Ferrell. Sure, both stars have been drawn to vastly different roles, but it turns out that they both hate social media, have played Jesus at one point, and are used to answering derivative interview questions, like "what drew you to this role? The entire interview , which dropped last week, is an absolute joy to read. Yeah, Phoenix gets to plug a few of his upcoming projects , but the interview really hits on the year-old's self-consciousness about fame, and how great of an interviewer Will Ferrell is. You should really go read the whole thing for yourself, but we've collected the best exchanges from it here, without context and in no particular order, solely for your enjoyment.

Stunning Is The Only Way To Describe This Joaquin Phoenix & Will Ferrell Interview

In fact, Phoenix was just getting started. Phoenix, who was born in Puerto Rico but raised in Los Angeles and Florida, has spent most of his life in the public eye, and is known as much for his chameleonic ability to inhabit troubled and traumatized personas as he is for his own disillusionment with fame. - You can read the entire Interview article here.


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