Cruise ships that have sunk

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How Many Cruise Ships Have Sunk? And How Would You Survive?

cruise ships that have sunk

Top 10 Biggest Shipwrecks of All Time

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A maritime disaster is an event which usually involves a ship or ships and can involve military action. Although sea travel is very safe, it is almost impossible to save every life. This list covers notable maritime disasters of the 21st century. Many maritime disasters happen outside the realms of war. All ships, including those of the military, are vulnerable to problems from weather conditions, faulty design or human error.

Somali pirates, icebergs, and coral reefs have ruined many would-be vacations. Costa Concordia: This Italian cruise ship ran aground on a reef off Titanic sank, the S.S. Eastland passenger tour ship rolled over while in.
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While the notion of being on a cruise ship sounds romantic and even entertaining, it does come with risks like any other form of transportation. Because the seas can be unpredictable in combination with severe weather, the ships can only take so much of it before they get tossed about by the elements. Yet one may hope that the ship is well-designed enough to still make it through, and has a good enough crew to make sure that happens. But the truth is, things can go wrong and really badly, in cases like the Titanic. While some have been salvaged and discontinued, others have been left to rot and gradually sink on their own. So, here are some famous ships that are barely hanging on after being abandoned long ago, or lying at the bottom of the ocean. Among the various shipwrecks that have occurred in recent history, this one has become the most famous with some even comparing it to the Titanic disaster.

List of maritime disasters in the 21st century

Cruise Ships that have sunk

Are you planning on a taking a cruise in the near future? Then you may want to stop reading right now: Cruise ships can and do sink, especially if they hit a coral reef or an iceberg. Have you ever thought about the question: Can cruise ships sink? And how many cruise ships have sunk? Perhaps the most famous cruise ship sinking was the Titanic. The Titanic struck an iceberg and sank on its maiden voyage, claiming more than 1, lives , Scientific American reports.

The worst of cruise ship disasters are incidents such as Costa Concordia, the Titanic or the S. Eastland, where there are fatalities. But rape, hijacking and deadly illnesses still plague trips today. On its maiden voyage, the "unsinkable" Titanic met its end after colliding with an iceberg on the North Atlantic. The ship plunged two miles to the bottom of the ocean, and killed more than 1, people. The story has inspired novels, movies, and received mass-attention whenever memorabilia is found or survivors die.

The latest news is that Carnival is seeking to dismiss lawsuits from the Triumph passengers whose ordeal this winter transfixed the nation. Even in the home stretch when the crippled ship was being tugged to port a towline snapped, prolonging the rescue. Savvy travelers have to ask: Is this normal? How many fires, power failures and other unwelcome incidents are there in the life of the average cruise ship? Triumph floated around the Gulf of Mexico for five days while news of the rank conditions leaked out through Facebook, Twitter and CNN, which had a helicopter whirring around the Triumph for nonstop coverage. Early last month while undergoing repairs, the ship became unmoored in strong winds, crashed into another boat and wound up with a foot-long gash in its side.




The 7 Worst Cruise Ship Disasters





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  1. Are you planning on a taking a cruise in the near future? Then you may want to stop reading right now: Cruise ships can and do sink, especially.

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