2014 toyota corolla maintenance light reset

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How To Reset Maint Reqd Light on 2009-2017 Toyota Corolla

2014 toyota corolla maintenance light reset

How to reset engine oil life/maintenance data on a 2013-2016 Toyota Corolla

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Every vehicle has its own style, even when it comes down to the details, like dashboard lights. It can be difficult to know what each light means and what to do when one goes on. Some lights are minor warnings, while others are serious and cannot be ignored. Many first time Toyota drivers might confuse this light with the check engine light, but it is actual a different warning altogether. Read More: Tips and Tricks.

Toyota vehicles have an excellent reputation for reliability. In recent years, this reputation has been bolstered by the addition of self-diagnostic systems to let owners know when its time to visit the J. Pauley Toyota Service Department. One of the most common is that an owner had work done and someone forgot to reset it. This is fairly common for people that change their own oil on their vehicles.

How To Reset Maintenance Light on , , , , , Toyota Corolla.
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When this light comes on, it could be an indicator of a missed oil change or another regular maintenance appointment that your vehicle needs. If you want to do this on your own, try these steps:. The steps above will differ if your Corolla has a color multi-information display. Check out our service specials before making the trip to save more! Contact us today! You can equip it with SofTex simulate-leather upholstery, performance-inspired paddle shifters, or a leather-wrapped steering wheel. Learn about more standard and available Toyota Corolla interior features before you see it in person near North Miami.

The warning lights on your dashboard or instrument cluster can often unsettle drivers, after all who wants to see a check engine light or maintenance light on? Because these maintenance lights are scheduled, and are not controlled by engine inputs, unlike your check engine light, it will stay on. The next step in learning how to reset a Toyota Corolla Maintenance Light is to locate the odometer button in your instrument cluster. Learn more about the maintenance light and how to take care of your car at carcare. Leave us a message below and let us know!

Toyota Corolla vehicles are equipped with a standard maintenance required light for Toyota service reminders, keeping your vehicle in better condition around La Jolla. Usually, service technicians who service your vehicle will reset the Toyota maintenance light. Follow these steps:. Your Toyota probably needs its scheduled maintenance, then—probably an oil change. We have a full staff of factory-trained and certified Toyota technicians on hand, and we also have a number of service specials and Toyota parts specials going on at all times. Take the drive from the Carlsbad area to our dealership in San Diego, or contact us with any questions on the way. The Toyota Supra is now available at Mossy Toyota, and we have the specs and information to help make your car-buying decision even easier.

How To Reset a Toyota Corolla Maintenance Light

Reset Maintenance Light on Toyota Corolla 2014-2016

Turn off the maintenance light on a Toyota Corolla

The Maintenance Light usually turns on to remind you its time to change the oil. The car does not know if the oil has been changed, it is a simply a reminder light that a mechanic will reset after changing the oil or other maintenance. Below are the steps to reset the light on a Toyota Corolla which should be the same for Corollas. There is a video at the bottom of the page for a step-by-step walk though if needed. Summary Resetting the Maintenance Required Light is easy enough to do and is usually done by a mechanic after an oil change. The car does can not detect if the oil has been changed so the light can be reset without changing the oil. Of course this is not recommend since old dirty oil will shorten the life of the car.

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Locate the button used to toggle between your trip odometer, which should be near the speedometer display. Press the button and hold it down. Turn your vehicle's ignition to the "acc" setting while holding the button. Do not crank the vehicle. Hold the position for five seconds and turn the ignition key off. Release the button.

Thankfully, learning how to reset the maintenance light on your Toyota Corolla only takes a few minutes, and Toyota Santa Monica has you covered. If your Corolla does not have a centrally-located color display or a touchscreen, you can reset your maintenance light by taking the following steps:. You can also contact our service team online. Most new Toyota Corolla models come standard with an electronic multi-information display. If your Corolla has one of these features, you can take the following steps to turn your maintenance light off:. If you want to avoid the hassle of turning off your Toyota Corolla maintenance light at home, simply have your vehicle serviced at Toyota Santa Monica near Venice. Schedule your visit today.

If the Maintenance Required (MAINT REQD) Light comes on in your Toyota Corolla dashboard it is simple enough to reset. The Maintenance.
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