How much does a used wii u cost at gamestop

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how much does a used wii u cost at gamestop

View all results for Wii U Consoles. Search our huge selection of new and used Wii U Consoles at fantastic prices at GameStop.

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I saw that Gamestop is selling used Wiis for pretty cheap now. But I have heard bad things about buying used systems from there. Are the used systems from there usually in bad condition, or are those exceptions and the systems are usually legit. My other options would be ebay, craigslist, and amazon, and I'm really hesitant to buy a console from either of those places since you really don't know who you're buying it from. There are many, many, MANY new backwards compatible Wii's still in stock in stores, trust me :P And with the lens and fan issues Wii's are prone to getting, you're much better off just getting a new one. The console is a relatively cheap investment compared to what you'll spend on games, so you might as well make it something that isn't going to cost you more money later because you got cheap :P.

GameStop offers great prices on new and used games and fun collectibles from your favorite franchises. It also carries phones, tablets and TVs, so if you can plug it in, you can probably find it at some of the lowest prices around, especially when you also use GameStop coupons and promo codes. Whether you're looking for the latest releases and pre-order bonuses or you're searching for retro games on consoles, this is the place for video game deals. From GameStop trade-in credits to coupons to the GameStop rewards program, there is always a way to get both new and used games at a discount. Check back here frequently to find out about all the current GameStop deals and sales.

After it was released in the Nintendo Wii console quickly turned into a worldwide phenomenon. The console saw stock shortages around the world, meaning that for around six months it was almost impossible to find one of the consoles without some serious detective work. Doing so will free up some space in your home and, if you play your cards right, you could end up with a decent bit of cash for your trouble. Finally, if you decide to try and sell your console directly on eBay or Craigslist then there are a couple of simple rules to follow to make sure your listing appears as tempting as possible. Make sure you include as many keywords as possible in the headline to maximise its chances of appearing in search, and use the best quality camera you have to take your photos to ensure that the console appears as clear and as sharp as possible.

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  1. In a recent interview with Game Rant, GameStop senior director of merchandising, Eric Bright, revealed the latest Zelda title has reinvigorated sales of pre-owned Wii U consoles.

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