How many years does it take to become a csi

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how many years does it take to become a csi

Contrary to the dramatic assertions of television programs and movies, crime scene investigators do not solve two or three cases in an hour. Crime scene investigators are also known as forensic science technicians because they use scientific methods to collect evidence and analyze.

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We have outlined the four steps you should take to get one of these fascinating careers: Learn, Prepare, Apply and Test. What does a Crime Scene Investigator do? What skills, knowledge and abilities are required? What education and experience is needed to qualify for the job? The answers depend on the exact job you apply for and the agency that offers the job. Read the job summaries of the job openings listed on the Employment page.

While CSI professionals collect and preserve evidence from active crime scenes, forensic lab professionals decipher their findings through DNA testing and other forensic analysis. Together, crime scene investigators and forensic scientists form comprehensive investigative teams responsible for solving crimes. Crime scene investigators CSI , including evidence technicians, crime scene analysts, or forensic investigators, are responsible for identifying, collecting, and documenting the physical evidence found at a crime scene. Crime scene investigations and forensic lab work requires highly educated individuals with a background in forensic science, the natural sciences, and the criminal justice system. Those interested in this line of work may obtain a degree or certificate through a technical school; however, most seek their education through schools with a criminal justice department that offer degrees with a concentration in forensics and crime scene investigations.

There are several names that may apply to the same job description. The main job of a CSI is to document, identify and collect physical evidence at a crime scene. A job description for a CSI varies throughout the world, each agency defines the duties and role a CSI plays in their department. A generic version is as follows; The CSI is a support person for the investigator in charge of the case. The CSI is responsible for the thorough documentation of the scene s and the identification, processing and collection of physical evidence.

There are many names used to describe a Crime Scene Investigator CSI like: crime scene technician, evidence technician, crime scene analyst, forensic investigator and criminalistics officer. In the past the work of a CSI was assigned to police officers that were trained to study and analyze crime scenes.
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When a crime is reported, police officers hurry to the scene. Here are some of the many people who play a part in crime scene investigation:. Each one plays a specific role, and has different required or recommended education. Police officers are normally the first responders to calls or crime scenes, and they play a very important role. But not all crime scenes are created equal, so they must first evaluate each situation and request the expertise of others, if needed.

Contrary to the dramatic assertions of television programs and movies, crime scene investigators do not solve two or three cases in an hour. They use scientific analysis and methods that are detailed, slow and time-consuming. Evidence may take many weeks or months to fully understand. CSI skills are honed over about five to eight years of education and experience. Coursework in mathematics is also necessary because CSIs rely on statistical analysis and computer modeling to develop conclusions.

What It Takes to Become a CSI (Crime Scene Investigator)

You may have watched exciting and dramatic television programs to learn how to become a crime scene investigator., That said, the incredible innovations in the field have been largely positive, helping law enforcement secure the evidence they need to put criminals behind bars through specimen collection, laboratory analysis, and careful documentation. So what exactly do CSIs do?

How Long Does It Take to Become a CSI Agent?

CSI agents, also known as crime scene investigators, are forensic science technicians trained to collect and analyze evidence at a crime science. This occupation is very female-friendly. It is also estimated that women account for at least 60 percent of the individuals working in the nation's forensic labs. It takes several years of education and training to become a CSI agent. Individuals with just a high school diploma can sometimes work for small or rural law enforcement agencies as a crime scene investigator. Larger agencies require a bachelor's degree in forensic science, chemistry, biology or a related natural science field. To be a sworn police officer and CSI agent, you must meet minimum educational requirements and complete a police academy training program.

How to Become a Crime Scene Investigator



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