What does it mean when left hand itches

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Cabinet of Curiosities: What's Behind the Old Wive's Tale That an Itchy Palm Means Money?

what does it mean when left hand itches

left Hand Itching - There are many superstitions that abound in our culture but perhaps, the most number are related to money. What you see.

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Has anyone heard the left hand itch legend or superstition or whatever? If your left hand itches and you don't scratch it you supposedly will get money soon.
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A palm reading can help you foretell your future and decide on what steps to take in your near future. Your palm reader spent years learning how to tell what each line means on your palm. While palmistry is a complex subject, there are a few common questions that people have. In particular, many people wonder what an itchy palm means in palmistry. Depending on who you go to and what you believe, this can be a sign of a few different things. According to old superstitions, an itchy palm means that you will receive or give money. This superstition varies depending on which palm is actually itching.

Have you ever heard that the itching of your left or right hand has some meaning or carries a hidden message? My grandmother used to be very superstitious and talked about the itching of both hands on a daily basis, however, it always worked for her. The itching of your palms is associated with receiving or spending money. It was not always the days when she was expecting a retirement, but every time her left palm began to itch, she received some money. The palm of your left hand is associated with the receipt of money.

Depending on whether you are experiencing left or right hand itching, it could mean completely different things! The right hand has very important spiritual meanings. It is considered to be our receiving hand and is symbolic of good fortune. Several ancient superstitions claim that having an itchy right palm means you will receive money soon. This money can come in many forms.

What Does an Itchy Palm Mean in Palmistry?

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What Does It Mean When Your Left Hand Itches?

There are varying beliefs and superstitions concerning an itch on the left hand. According to Italian superstition, an itch on the left hand is a sign of coming into money. An old wives' tale claims that an itch on the left hand indicates a forthcoming letter, and yet another superstitious belief holds that if the left palm itches, money is about to leave an individual's hands. In contrast, if someone's right palm itches, the same old wives' tale holds that the individual is set to receive money. However, an itch on the right hand is generally seen as a bad omen.

Superstitions are funny things. They're found in every culture, and within those cultures, these old wives tales are well known by virtually everyone. But that's where the knowledge train typically ends. While everyone knows certain superstitions, hardly anyone can tell you where they came from. They have to come from somewhere, though! Even if they aren't grounded in science, superstitions are rooted in everything from anecdotal experiences to religion. One particularly curious wives tale involves itchy palms.


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  1. Depending on whether you are experiencing left or right hand itching, it could mean completely different things! Ready to find out what it means.

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