How long does a fractured eye socket take to heal

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Facial fractures

how long does a fractured eye socket take to heal

A fracture is a broken bone in the eye socket involving the rim, the floor Men suffer from traumatic eye injuries about four times more often than women do. days after the injury, but fractured bones take much longer to heal.

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The eye socket is a bony cup that surrounds and protects the eye. The rim of the socket is made of fairly thick bones, while the floor and nasal side of the socket is paper thin in many places. A fracture is a broken bone in the eye socket involving the rim, the floor or both. The source of the injury is usually a blunt object baseball, hammer, rock, piece of lumber and the most frequent place of injury is the home. At one time, eye injuries were common in motor vehicle accidents, usually when a victim's face struck the dashboard.

A broken eye socket can occur if an accident or injury leads to an excessive force on the area around the eye. What is a black eye and what can I do about it? after a week or so, the fracture can take much longer to heal.
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Read our important medical disclaimer. It was recently discovered from an MRI an imaging technique that can take pictures inside the body that I have a fracture in my right orbit eye socket. As a result of this fracture my right eye the fatty part is partially inside of my nose. Is this dangerous and can it be fixed? An orbital floor fracture is a situation in which the thin bones surrounding the eye orbit may break as a result of trauma. On occasion, the fat which normally surrounds the eye may be pushed into the sinus space s. The muscles may also be pushed into the sinus in what is called a "blow out" fracture.

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Broken eye socket: Symptoms, surgery, and recovery

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Facial fractures are fractures broken bones of the face and mouth. They commonly include fractures of the nose nasal , cheekbones zygoma , surrounds to the eyes orbit and upper maxilla and lower mandible jaws. If you have a facial fracture, the oral and maxillofacial team will usually want to check that you don't have other fractures of or injuries to the head or neck and if you have been knocked unconscious. Most facial fractures are acute sudden and caused by assaults eg fighting , sports eg horse riding, football and rugby and accidents eg road traffic or falls. Rarely, you might get a fracture following other treatment - sometimes this is because the bones are weakened by conditions such as dental cysts. If you have had some kind of blunt or sharp trauma to your face, your doctor s or dentist s will want to check you for facial and other fractures.

The eye socket, or orbit, is the bony cup surrounding your eye., They will take pictures of the eye and the eye socket, including x-rays and CT scans.

Broken Eye Socket

View image. The eye socket, or orbit, is made up of the bones that surround your eye. If the bones around your eye are hit hard enough, they can break. This is called an orbital fracture. If your eye socket is treated successfully, and the injury to your eye or tissues around your eye was not too severe, you may not have any long-lasting effects from an eye socket fracture.

A broken eye socket can be painful and even dangerous, but most people recover well. This could be from a fist, a blunt object, or a car accident. . If you went into the surgery with double vision, it may last as long as two to.
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