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Class Ring Full Lifetime Warranty

highschool herffjones com class ring

I Finally Got My Class Ring

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Be proud of your high school and college accomplishments! They are part of your story, and you deserve to celebrate them today and everyday with custom jewelry! Tell it! View our online catalogs for more information on all of our high school and college ring options and try out our RightSize TM ring sizing app to find your ring size. View college class rings View high school class rings. Herff Jones makes membership more meaningful with a line of jewelry and accessories designed exclusively for your organization. Whether the ring is worn on your hand or proudly displayed in your home, it will always showcase your history as a champion.

Your academic experience is unique to you, and making it memorable is important. From elementary to junior high to high school to college , for all the important moments of your life, we are by your side. Or Click Here to find your local sales representative.
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Herff Jones delivers school spirit with personalized graduation products. Crests, insignias, graduation essentials, caps and gowns custom-designed to promote pride in your school and success in your accomplishments. Hey Graduates! We are your one-stop destination for custom designed high school and college graduation products. Commencement is a special day in your life, graduate! The traditional graduation cap, gown, and tassel are important iconic symbols of your success and pride in your school. Hey High School Graduates!

Ready to design your ring? Create your one-of-a-kind ring with the class ring configurator. Or, take the class ring personality quiz for more ideas. Captions are the most read copy in a yearbook because they provide immediate information about what is happening in the photographs featured on the spread. Keep Reading. Getting the best school pictures is easy once you know the tricks of the trade. Seeing the changes that take place over years of school is fun for parents most immediately and becomes fun for the actual subjects much later.

Celebrate your high school memories with a custom high school class ring that captures your journey and tells your story. Watch the video to learn more! Throughout the entire high school years, each person navigates a journey unique to them. Their spirit shines through school experiences, their passions. Class rings become a symbol of all things high school. They capture the journey and celebrate successes, passions, and accomplishments.

Celebrating a Year Inspired by You

Four Step Ring Design Process

Capture Your Class Ring Journey

High school is the starting point for the rest of your life. Important moments. Moments worth celebrating. You can also contact your local sales representative for help. Generally, the best way to check the status of your order is to contact customer service. Class rings are custom made just for you! Rings generally are delivered weeks after ordering takes place in school.

Each of the custom features of your class ring is carefully and skillfully handcrafted so you will enjoy and take pride in your ring for many years. Herff Jones fully warrants both your ring and simulated birthstone to be free from defects in workmanship or material for the life of the ring. If your ring cannot be repaired or replaced under these terms, a refund will be allowed. Herff Jones Full Lifetime Warranty Each of the custom features of your class ring is carefully and skillfully handcrafted so you will enjoy and take pride in your ring for many years. The following services will be performed on your Herff Jones High School Class Ring without charge: Repair defects in workmanship or material. Replace with a new ring if repairs cannot be made due to defects in workmanship or material.

You may trade-in a 10K, 14K or 18K gold class ring toward the purchase of a new class ring. Colored gemstones are not eligible for trade-in.,



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