Least crowded time to go to disney world

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Frequently Asked Questions About Walt Disney World

least crowded time to go to disney world

Disney World: Best Time of Year and Lowest Crowds

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It's a playground full of magic kingdoms and future worlds. You can stay inside of a rustic wilderness lodge or right in the heart of Disney animation. While you can have a magical visit no matter the crowd level, visiting when the crowds are low or lower is the easiest way to ensure a great trip. This post will guide you through the best time to visit Disney World in and , including the opening of Star Wars : Galaxy's Edge on Aug. Now, in our book, it's always a good time to visit Disney World.

One of the most asked questions I see is "when is the best time to visit Disney World? What fun would it be if I told you the answer right off the bat. I'm going to save that for a little later. Duh, the best place to start is looking at when to visit during the year. Every year, Dad picks his favorite weeks to go to WDW.

Learn When Disney World Is at Its Least Crowded

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5 Best Times to Go to Disney World

Facebook Twitter. The best place to start is with the step-by-step planning guide. WHEN you choose to visit can make a substantial difference! They put special events, parties, festivals and promotions to fill up the hotels and parks during the traditional off season, making the slow seasons not as slow as they once were. That said, paying attention to dates is still worth it.

Last updated April 2, To receive these, subscribe to our free email newsletter , as updates will be sent out to newsletter subscribers as soon as we have more accurate Walt Disney World crowd predictions. People are postponing trips, and to offset that, Walt Disney World is attempting to entice them with better deals. Walt Disney World will open the first phase of its Star Wars land at the end of August , which will have a ripple effect on crowds. Trying to beat the crowds is really popular among trip planners, but we believe in a more holistic approach. Low crowds during a time when temperatures are sweltering, humidity is off the charts and there are no special events should not trump moderate crowds during a temperate time of year with a special event.

By Suzanne Rowan Kelleher. The least-crowded times to visit Disney World are during January and early February the height of winter and just after school starts in early September through mid-November. Additionally, getting to the parks early in the day before crowds build will guarantee that you are able to experience some top rides and attractions without much of a wait. Booking reservations well in advance at the park's restaurants will also help you avoid wait times no matter when you travel to Disney World. If you need another reason to plan your Disney vacation during the off-season, the least crowded times are also the least expensive.

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