How much to rent a backhoe for a week

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how much to rent a backhoe for a week

Renting a Backhoe to Clear Land for a Cabin by @GettinJunkDone

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Excavators or power shovels are some of the most common heavy construction equipment. Excavators are used for everything from digging trenches to removing large objects, making them essential for practically every construction project. Excavators are pieces of heavy construction equipment that consist of a boom , dipper, bucket , and cab that are mounted on a rotating platform called the house. The house is mounted on an undercarriage with tracks or wheels. These machines can sometimes also be referred to as steam or power shovels, but they are actually a much more advanced version of the steam shovels that were once common on construction sites.

Minimum 1-day rental. Store HD Thanks for your submission! Posted by: Samuel Hirshfield on March 15, This figure can be the difference between a modest landscaping budget and a small home loan. For less than the price of a 3 day rental, you can keep the machine all week.

Painless ordering processes and fast delivery to your site. Powerful earthmoving equipment at the guaranteed lowest rates. Need a single machine that can help with numerous earthmoving projects?
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Backhoe loaders are extremely versatile agricultural, industrial and residential workplace machines that can accomplish a lot on their own, but you still have to know how to choose the right backhoe loader if you want to get very far out on the field. Table of Contents What is a Backhoe? What Backhoe specs to consider? How much does a Backhoe cost? What Backhoe attachments are available?

Search thousands of topics on CostHelper. I only need to dig up enough to gig up enough to to fill in whith fresh dirt for a 32 inch above ground pool. Comments 3. A backhoe is a basically a diesel-powered tractor chassis with a rear-mounted digging bucket on a two-part hinged arm. A backhoe loader has the arm-and-digging-bucket on the rear plus a shovel-bucket on the front.

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Backhoe Buying Guide - Buy or Rent the Right Backhoe

Browse through our complete library of backhoe loader related articles. Due to their versatility, backhoe loaders are in constant demand for the construction, farming, and landscaping industries. But, they're costly pieces of equipment. If your equipment needs are short term or you're short on cash, buying a backhoe loader outright may not be a feasible option. For short-term needs, consider renting a backhoe loader.



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