Borneo earless monitor for sale

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Monitor Lizards for Sale

borneo earless monitor for sale

Borneo Jungle Diaries: Episode Six - Monitor Lizards: Masters of Survival [UHD/4K] SZtv

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On May 30, , a research team armed with GPS units, notebooks, and binoculars set out into a dense patch of jungle in Indonesian Borneo. An oil palm company had commissioned them to survey the area for important environmental and cultural assets that might be impacted should the forest be converted into a plantation. As midday approached, the sweating group decided to take a break from their uphill trek to have lunch next to a shallow, rocky stream bed. For a few minutes, the strange visitor became the focus of attention as the group photographed it and gently passed it around. To their amazement, it hardly struggled and did not try to bite them. Lunch soon resumed priority, though, and they put the creature back into the stream, where it sat, unmoving, for the next hour.

An unusual and little-known monitor lizard from Borneo that has captured the interest of reptile collectors is emerging as the latest victim of the global illicit wildlife trade, an investigative report by TRAFFIC warns. Lanthanotus borneensis or the Earless Monitor Lizard had long remained virtually unknown to the outside world due to its subterranean habits and limited distribution in north-western Borneo. Earless Monitor Lizards have no external ear opening, a cylindrical lengthened body covered in scaly tubercles, small limbs, a prehensile tail, a forked tongue, and small eyes with the lower eyelid covered by translucent 'windows'. As such it is placed in its own monospecific family Lanthanotidae. The small, orange-brown lizard with beaded skin was once primarily of interest to scientists because of its unique adaptations for living below ground, and there were few instances of private ownership reported during the last 30 years.

Question: I read about earless monitors in books as a kid. Now I see them selling for big bucks. Kegan Fournier, Oceanside, Calif. The bizarre, aquatic, earless monitor Lanthanotus borneensis has been the Holy Grail of herpetoculture for many decades. As far as I can tell, no living specimens ever came into the U. I have not spoken to anyone who has personally verified this, but it sounds reasonable that increased clearing and land usage is behind more frequent encounters. Specimens first went to Japan, where eggs were laid and hatched, with photos widely shared.

The earless monitor lizard Lanthanotus borneensis. Barely seen since its description in , the species has suddenly become a victim of wildlife trafficking for the pet trade. Photo by: Indraneil Das. But over the past couple years its bizarre appearance has been splashed across social media sites for reptile collectors. It is also rarely seen—despite being discovered in —due to underground and nocturnal habits. Around 20 centimeters long 8 inches , the animal lacks any external ears—hence its name—and sports stout limbs and beady eyes with a translucent window covering the lower half. In fact, the organization has been tipped off that 40 individuals were stolen from the wild just this spring.

Lizard traffickers exploit legal loopholes to trade at world's biggest fair

Bizarre lizard newest victim of reptile pet trade

Their trade in Europe is estimated to be worth millions of euros. At the September trade fair, the Guardian posed as a potential buyer and was offered earless monitor lizards and arboreal alligator lizards, both of which are protected species in their home countries of Indonesia and Mexico and Guatemala respectively. The next fair is on 12 December. The Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species Cites will hear proposals to ban the international trade in earless monitor and some arboreal alligator lizards at its next conference in South Africa in In the meantime, while collecting the species in the wild and exporting them is illegal in their countries of origin, they may be freely bought and sold in Europe without a crime being committed - and no extradition treaties apply. Nonetheless, the trade in endangered species at Hamm goes on at the fringes of the main fair.

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