Bromine or chlorine for hot tub

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Chlorine vs Bromine

bromine or chlorine for hot tub

Chlorine vs. Bromine for Hot Tub Sanitizing

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With that being said, we recognize there are still a lot of hot tub lovers out there who use traditional water care products to take care of their water. One question asked over and over again: Which is better—chlorine, or bromine? Our answer: chlorine. Typically bromine is offered up in the form of tablets to place in a bromine floater and leave bobbing up and down in your hot tub. This allows the tablets to dissolve and kill bacteria and deal with body oils and lotions bodies bring into the tub.

From the beginning of spa care, there has been great discussions about what sanitizer is better — bromine vs. Like all things in life there are pros and cons for each and the answer is this — it depends on the hot tub and the spa owner. The first step to deciding what sanitizer to use has nothing to do with bromine or chlorine at all — I has to do with your choice of how to dispense your sanitizer. Do you prefer adding a little bit of granular product before and after each use and as needed to maintain a safe and healthy sanitizer reading on your test kit of ppm? Or do you prefer to fill a floating or built in dispenser with tablets and adjust the application rate as needed. Why should you decide this first?

Sign up for E-mail discounts from Our preferred pool supply retailers. The chlorine that you dissolve into your pool water combines with bacteria and other organics in the water on a molecular level to kill these harmful contaminants. The combined chlorine and contaminants are burned up by your weekly shock treatment, and removed from the water by the pool filter system. The chlorine level of a swimming pool should be maintained at ppm at all times to ensure that the pool water is clean and safe for swimmers. There seems to be many types of chlorine on the market, and you will find a very wide range of prices. Each pool supply company works hard to make their chlorine product seem new and different, but upon close inspection you will find that the only real difference that may separate one brand of chlorine from another is the concentration of the active ingredients in the chemical.

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Both products are extremely effective in keeping your water crystal clear so that you can enjoy your ultimate bathing experience, but there distinct differences between the two. Regardless of which sanitizer you choose, it is still important to keep your pH levels balanced. Bromine does have the upper hand on unstable pH levels as it remains effective in a wide range of pH levels 7. If your pH does stray from the ideal range of 7. If your pH range peaks above 7.

Bromine vs Chlorine…The Age Old Question

Hot tub water care - chlorine v bromine


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