Great aunt vs grand aunt

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great aunt vs grand aunt

Oct 25, I've heard several other families use the “great-aunt” or “great-uncle” relationship when it's actually a “grand.” What have you used in your.

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These example sentences are selected automatically from various online news sources to reflect current usage of the word 'grandaunt. Send us feedback. Grand Bahama. Grand Banks. See more words from the same year. Rhyming Dictionary: Words that rhyme with grandaunt.

Russell Feb 25, General 46 comments. Is he my great nephew or great-nephew or my grand nephew or grandnephew? Despite a rather persistent effort by genealogists to standardize the reference, 1 the simple fact of the matter is that either term is just fine, thankyouverymuch. Now there are good reasons why genealogists want to standardize the reference one way or the other — to reduce confusion and clarify relationships. I've had this weird fantasy about starting a Southern Beatnik revolution since my teens… don't ask why… maybe I dream of being a more readable version of Faulkner? What did you go with? My nephew has a daughter and I simply can't decide whether to call her my "grandniece" or "greatniece" … just found out they're having another and simply cannot post photos oin the all powerful internets without picking one or the other.

Great-granduncle or -aunt. SUE First cousin or grandaunt, not great uncle nor great aunt. Similarly, the siblings of YOUR great-grandparents are YOUR great-.
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My father's aunt my great Aunt Ada was the person who turned me on to genealogy. All of my siblings called her, and still refer to her, as our great aunt. I have relatives like that in my family, too, Kathy. We always called my grandmother's favorite cousin Aunt Tiny, though technically she was my first cousin twice removed. I'm glad that nobody ever tried to explain that to me when I was a child!

There are certain relationships that have specific names. The father of one of your parents is your grandfather. The mother of one of your parents is your grandmother. The sister of one of your parents is your aunt. And, you guessed it, the brother of one your parents is your uncle. But what about the brother or sister of one of your grandparents? Technically, the sister of one of your grandparents is your grand-aunt.

Great and Grand Aunts

The Grandaunt Tiger (Chinese Story Read Aloud)

Great versus grand

An aunt is a person who is the sister of a parent. Known alternate terms include Auntie or Aunty. A half-aunt is a half-sister of one's parent and is a third-degree relative with A aunt-in-law can also be a aunt of one's spouse. A co-aunt-in-law is a wife of one's uncle-in-law uncle of one's spouse. The male equivalent of an aunt is an uncle , and the reciprocal relationship is that of a nephew or niece. A cousin-aunt is the female cousin of one's parent, in other words, cousin-aunt is the niece of one's grandparent.



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  1. Jul 26, A. Great-aunt or great-uncle is a lot like second cousin: It's common practice for people to call their grandparents' siblings by these terms, just.

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