Slow motion third eye blind

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Third Eye Blind Slow Motion

slow motion third eye blind

Jumper-Third Eye Blind Lyrics

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Blue is the second studio album by American rock band Third Eye Blind , released on November 23, The album's creation was difficult, namely due to power struggles and arguments between frontman Stephan Jenkins and lead guitarist Kevin Cadogan , leading to a quick but isolated recording experience between members. The album was generally well received by critics, and was certified platinum by the RIAA , but performed below the band's prior album, the multi-platinum Third Eye Blind. While managing to stay together for the creation of the album, shortly after its release, the band fired Cadogan, touring in support of the album with replacement guitarist Tony Fredianelli. As such, the album was the last to feature Cadogan, and the last to be released without significant gaps and delays prior to release.

This story originally ran on Tuesday, Nov. Jenkins said he is used to his band being misinterpreted. It began with what some pegged as the pro-drug message of the band's breakout hit, "Semi-Charmed Life" RealAudio excerpt , a song rife with images of oral sex and drug use. Here, you're getting a song censored based on the words, not the intent. Jenkins said the band's new songs, such as the ballads "Deep Inside of You" and "Never Let You Go" and the driving first single, "Anything" RealAudio excerpt , are about life's messier moments.


Third Eye Blind:Slow Motion (Instrumental) Lyrics


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Blue is the second studio album by American rock band Third Eye Blind, released on Firstly was the song "Slow Motion", a controversial ballad written by Jenkins about a student shooting a teacher's son. While Jenkins insisted that the song.
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  2. Miss Jones taught me English But I think I just shot her son Cause he owed me money With a bullet in the chest you cannot run Now he's bleeding in a vacant lot The one in the summer where we used to smoke pot I guess I didn't mean it but man you should've seen it His flesh explode Slow motion see me let go We tend to die young Slow motion see me let go What a brother knows Slow motion see me let go Now the cops will get me But girl if you would let me I'll take your pants off I got a little bit of blow we could both get off Later bathing in the afterglow Two lines of Coke I cut with Draino An her nose starts to bleed A most beautiful ruby red Slow motion see me let go We'll remember these days Slow motion see me let go Urban life decays Slow motion see me let go And at home My sister's eating paint chips again Maybe that's why she's insane I shut the door to her moaning And I shoot smack in my veins Wouldn't you?

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