I got no strings to hold me down

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I've Got No Strings [From Pinocchio]

i got no strings to hold me down

[PINOCCHIO] I've got no strings to hold me down. To make me fret, or make me frown. I had strings, but now I'm free. There are no strings on me. Hi-ho the.

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I've got no strings to hold me down, to make me fret, or make me frown. I had strings, but now I'm free there are no strings on me! While he's a puppet, the Blue Fairy has started him on his way to becoming a real boy, so he doesn't need strings or sticks to move around like most puppets. Cool, right? Unfortunately, like most kids with a newfound sense of freedom, Pinocchio has started off on the wrong path pretty much immediately.

The Disney-Marvel synergy is complete. A creepy, horror-movie voice is it just Dickie Jones, the original voice actor, distorted with Auto-Tune? Like many others, I was afraid when Disney announced that they had purchased Marvel in that Marvel products would be Disney-fied, watered down, silly. So far, though, our collective fears have been unrealized. At first he appears to be a regular marionette attached to strings, but as soon as he begins his song, he effortlessly detaches himself from them figure 1. I got on strings on me!

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He dances with several types of puppets including a Dutch puppet and several Dutch girl puppets , a French puppet and a few grinning cancan dancing girl puppets , a Russian puppet, and Cossacks all voiced by Patricia Page, Mae Questel and Mel Blanc. The music was written by Leigh Harline , the lyrics were written by Ned Washington. The song was briefly sung by Terry Crews ' character Hackman in the film Gamer. A slower, darker, more ominous version of the song was played in the Avengers: Age of Ultron teaser footage shown at the San Diego Comic-Con International , and the official teaser trailer which was released in October due of Super Smash Bros. In a dark parallel of Pinocchio , the character Ultron voiced by James Spader compares himself to a puppet who has broken free of his controllers and quotes the entire first verse throughout the movie.

After being sold to Stromboli by Honest John and Gideon , the song is performed by Pinocchio in his first and only performance. Other puppets, representing different countries, join in throughout the show. Stromboli later sings a short reprise while feasting and counting his earnings in his caravan. Cossack marionettes: Hey! Pinocchio: Hey! There are no strings on me.

I've Got No Strings

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I've Got No Strings (Italian translation)

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