Took a turn for the worst

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When Life Takes a Turn for the Worst

took a turn for the worst

Jan 8, Here are examples of "worst" used correctly in a sentence: That was the worst movie ever! . "Take a turn for the worse." This is perhaps the.

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Why is that expression morphing? So I checked Ngrams and found this , which supports the standard expression. I suspect the latter, but when I see it in print it suggests the editors are OK with it. Other speculations welcome. Turn for the wurst. As I was typing my original post, I recalled an old Three Stooges episode where they were working in a butcher shop and messed up big with the sausage machine.

I'm a certified English teacher who used to teach sophomore English before becoming a full-time mom. Sometimes, English can be hard. One of the most common word usage mistakes is confusing "worse" with "worst. As a certified English teacher—I taught sophomore English before becoming a full time mom—I'd see this mistake all the time. Here is how I explained it to my students in easy-to-remember terms so that they'd never confuse the two again. Worse means of a lower quality or standard.

take a turn for the worse


Worse vs. Worst

Whenever we struggle in a sinful habit that we cannot break or when we get caught in some unpleasantness that has no end in sight, the idea of finding a purpose in it seems like nothing more than pious platitude. We feel lucky if we can simply maintain the status quo. We can't imagine how such miserable circumstances could ever be transformed into something positive. Yet, the reason many of us have trouble accepting the idea that God can transform pain into purpose stems from faulty thinking about God. We see him as a cosmic stage manager waiting in the wings to redesign the set whenever our circumstances seem unfair or unpleasant. When we give the cue, we expect him to leap into action and change our surroundings in some mysterious way-apart from anything we do regardless of whether or not we change.

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does one take "a turn for the worse", or "the worst"?




take a turn for the worse meaning: to become worse. Learn more.
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  1. Take a turn for the worse definition is - to become worse. How to use take a turn for the worse in a sentence.

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