Reunited steven universe full episode

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reunited steven universe full episode

Steven brings everyone together for a special reunion. The episode starts off with Steven singing "Let's Only Think About Love". .. screenshot of Garnet in a distant, she is seen wearing a full wedding gown's bottom without pants to be seen.

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The big one. The one you've all been waiting for. All three of you who read my reviews. It's time for me to review But for now, I am reviewing of course, "Reunited". Probably the most hyped episode of TV in the third millennium. So for this review, I will talk about each of the three distinct acts separately.

The episode merges many storylines developed previously in the series: the true nature of Pink Diamond's death, revealed in " A Single Pale Rose "; the crisis in Ruby and Sapphire's relationship in the aftermath of that revelation; Lapis Lazuli's departure in "Raising the Barn" earlier in the season; and the Cluster, last seen in the season three episode " Gem Drill ". It was viewed by 0. Steven Zach Callison helps everyone prepare for the ceremony, singing the song "Let's Only Think About Love", in which he uses the wedding to distract everyone, including himself, from recent traumatic events and revelations. At the wedding, with Steven's friends in attendance, Ruby and Sapphire say their vows: Ruby says Sapphire allows her to see value in herself, and Sapphire explains how Ruby saved her from her destiny and opened up new possibilities. They kiss and fuse back into Garnet. During the reception, the Gem rulers Blue and Yellow Diamond arrive in their giant arm-shaped spaceships in order to awaken the Cluster, a massive geo-weapon at the planet's core consisting of thousands of Gem shards. Despite Steven's efforts, the Cluster is awakened, manifesting as a giant arm.

Steven shaves a single hair from his cheek, which is both another ceremony, this one symbolizing his partial transformation into an adult, and also a good joke while he gets ready for the wedding. There is a lot that no one is talking about. And as Brendon Urie would say, what a beautiful wedding! And then I changed your life. And now, we change our lives. But then Steven starts crying—the Diamonds have arrived. Even though the war between the Crystal Gems and Home World is cosmic in nature, it still feels strange to have a big fight in this show of the sort that would otherwise come at the end of a Marvel movie—and if the fight is going to be of that scope, it feels a little off to have like, eight Gems total participating in the fight.

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Blind Reaction: Steven Universe Season 5 Episodes 19-24 "Heart of the Crystal Gems"

Steven Universe S05 E23 Reunited

Originally posted by dreamsuns. Originally posted by giffing-su. Originally posted by hanaxsongs. And god bless them for it. You know, at first I thought this was a cool line.

It was the climax. When all those pent up feelings get unleashing in one gigantic battle.

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It takes up the production slots of the the 23 rd and 24 th episodes of the fifth season of Steven Universe , and the st and nd episodes overall. It is the final episode of the seventh StevenBomb. Steven brings everyone together for a special reunion. During the reception, Steven begins crying, at first believing it to be due to his emotions and later realizing it is the presence of Blue Diamond. Despite Steven's attempt to calm the Cluster telepathically while sleeping, the Cluster is unbubbled and takes the form of a giant arm above ground. However, it remains in control of itself and attacks Yellow Diamond's ship before giving Steven a giant thumbs-up.

Upon returning from an intergalactic mission, the Crystal Gems-Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl-have brought a mysterious magical hourglass. Steven Universe, the youngest member of the Crystal Gems, gets his hands on the device and discovers that it has the ability to let him travel back in time in order to make snappy comebacks. However, his actions soon bring about a deadly adversary, with everyone's lives dependent on Steven being able to make a worthwhile comeback. Steven becomes depressed when his favorite ice-cream sandwich brand, Cookie Cat, gets taken off the market. He soon cheers up upon discovering that the Gems managed to get a hold of some of the last remaining Cookie Cats, which he believes may hold the key to activating his gem.



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  1. The Recap: Ruby and Sapphire have their wedding and refuse into Garnet with all their loved ones present; the reception is crashed by both Blue and Yellow Diamond, who seem to have the upper hand until Steven is able to communicate to them—by psychic ghost, of course—that he is really Pink Diamond.

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