Ink master angels season 2

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Why 'Ink Master: Angels' Is Everything

ink master angels season 2

The contestants in Season 2 competed to earn a spot on Ink Master's eleventh season. Angel Face Off winner Tony Medellin.


Watching these ladies host and compete on this spin off is like watching them walk over the remains of glass after breaking the glass ceiling. With the way they flawlessly run the show, the matter seems more casual than it is. Seeing women empowered and openly expressing themselves on TV is something that should feel so casual on every station. On season 8, these women showed just how powerful women in the industry can be as they empowered one another, celebrating their success throughout the season. Seeing their alliance and talent shine to produce "Ink Master's" first female master as well as the Angels running own show illustrates a shift is occurring here, and it can elsewhere too. I had this visual in my brain of a hyper-feminine angel painting gently guarding a child.

The Angels head down South and challenge Charlotte's best Artists who are vying for the crown. Only one will face off with an Angel and have the chance to secure a spot on Ink Master Season The Angels land in Savannah in search of the city's best Artists. It's a battle of the block when old rivals compete. The Angels head to Memphis, Tennessee in search of the best Artists in the birthplace of rock n' roll.

Three tattoo artists vie for the chance to compete against Ryan Ashley, Kelly Doty or Nikki Simpson and receive a spot on Ink Master.
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Four female "Ink Master" competitors go head-to-head with tattoo artists across the United States in search of artists for Season 10 of "Ink Master. The Angels keep it weird in Portland, Ore. It's a battle of experience in Phoenix when two young artists take on an older more established Artist for a chance to face off against Kelly Doty. The Angels drop a bomb on Albuquerque, N. The Angels roll the dice in Reno, Nev. Everything is bigger in Texas, including expectations when the Angels head to Houston in search of the city's best Artists.

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Ink Master: Angels

Mess with an Angel, Get the Horns: Elimination Tattoo Sneak Peek - Ink Master: Angels (Season 2)




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