Are hedgehogs legal in ny

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The Dos and Don’ts of Owning a Hedgehog In NYC

are hedgehogs legal in ny

Jan 25, While these adorable critters are legal in some states, others say pet Pennsylvania, Washington, D.C., and the five boroughs of New York.

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They're cute, quiet and surprisingly controversial. One of the most popular pets trending across the United States is actually illegal in some cities and states. With their pointy noses and porcupine-like quills, the Lilliputian pets have seen a spike in popularity in recent years due in part to the prevalence of websites such as Cute Emergency and Instagram accounts like biddythehedgehog that affectionately refer to them as "hedgies. So the pet owner either lets it sleep all day or takes it out of its enclosure to interact with it at a time in the day that the animal should be resting. The majority of hedgehog owners do try and respect the nocturnal nature of their family member, she added. Based in Chaplin, Conn.

Feb 23, It all started with a Google search. Amanda Munz, 23, of Lindenhurst, LI, was Googling “weird animals” with her little brother, when she came.
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By Tricia Romano. It all started with a Google search. Blame the Internet, but hedgehogs have become the It girl of exotic pets in recent years. With their little pointy noses, beady eyes and round, spike-covered bodies, they are endlessly photogenic and ripe for memes, Buzzfeed lists and YouTube videos. Trisha Kiefer, a hedgehog breeder in Mastic Beach, LI, says that interest in hedgehogs has increased 50 to 75 percent over the past two years.

When she learned that pet hedgehogs are illegal in Georgia, she got in touch with her state representative, which led to a proposal to exempt African pygmy hedgehogs — the species most commonly kept as pets — from the state's ban. The bill failed. In February , it was reintroduced to the Georgia House of Representatives only to fail again. Georgia isn't the only state that's declared it illegal to keep hedgehogs as pets. If you're thinking of having a pet hedgehog, keep in mind that they are more alert at night.

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Apr 17, It depends where in New York you live. While hedgehogs are legal to own in the State of New York, they are not legal to own if you live within.
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