When god closes a door

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One Truth That Will Help You When God Closes a Door

when god closes a door

LARKIN POE d When God Closes A Door • NY State Blues Fest • 6/28/18

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What signs are there that God is closing a door in your life? How can you tell when God is closing and opening doors for you? Many times we will get rejected from a certain college, get rejected from a job we wanted, or get rejected by a person we wanted to date. But because we want those things so bad, we can still wonder if perhaps this is just a test of faith. Perhaps God will still open these doors if we just hold onto hope.

Signing up agrees to our terms of use. Last year I had two doors shut in my face, doors I thought were wide-open. Walking through those doors would have been changed my life. My wife and I saw the openings; we prayed about them, sought godly counsel, looked for clarity and were convinced that God had indeed swung the doors open and cleared the path. Only to have them both slam shut. Honestly, it hurt.

When God closes a door, He opens a window. Well… maybe not a million, but it certainly feels that way sometimes. We are moving along, everything seems fine and then it happens. Door shut. Sometimes we see it closing. But more often than not, closed doors take us by surprise. God will often use closed doors in our lives to teach us how to trust Him.

Have you ever been disappointed when it seems like God closes a door? A few years ago, my family received disheartening news. My son had dared to apply to a highly competitive university, number one in the nation for his field of study. He worked hard to fill out the application, take extra tests, write multiple essays, and even go to an interview. The next day I told my sob story to a friend over coffee.

4 Reasons God May Have Closed a Door

God is going to open doors that no one can shut! Pastor M. Phillips & TD Jakes - July 21, 2019

Hope for When God Closes a Door

It has the ability to both prevent and protect. Youthful ignorance and curiosity sometimes see only the prevention, not the protection in those words. We often do the same with God. When the Heavenly Father says no to us, we often react like a toddler throwing a tantrum. What happens when God closes a door and denies your seemingly good intentions? Do you still see the protection and preservation of His hand in that moment?

It can be hard to remain hopeful when it feels like every time you get used to something, God snatches it away. Constantly being pushed back to square one is no fun.

When God Closes a Door and You’ve Lost Your Hope…




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  1. When God closes a door, He opens a window. The implication is that although things don't always go according to our plans, that doesn't mean.

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