Why do i get cold when i eat

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Why Are You Feeling Cold After Eating?

why do i get cold when i eat

What to Eat When You Have a Cold

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Learn something new every day More Info Do you ever feel cold after eating? Do you ever feel tired, dull or dizzy after eating? There are many opinions and interpretations as to the cause of these phenomena. Some doctors attribute these experiences to low iron, low blood count , or low or high blood pressure. Others believe that a low carbohydrate diet will cause you to feel chilled after eating. Stress and intensity can also contribute to this experience.

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I wanted to know if anyone else gets like I do and if they have been diagnosed with anything for this complaint? I often get cold atleast a few times a month it happens I havent been able to pin point what food or foods it happens with When it does happen though Its usually occasional, usually about 2 weeks after my period,and usually within 15 to 20 minutes after eating and I get real tired. When I tried that diet, and it was a lot of healthy eating I kinda felt more tired,actually exhausted.

Our core body temperature stays relatively constant, ranging from about 98 degrees to degrees, depending on the air temperature. The body dissipates heat by sweating and tries to generate heat by shivering. Body part, individual tolerance, length of exposure and intactness of the skin, actual environmental temperature and humidity affect the body's tolerance to heat and cold. In addition, people with neurological problems often have distorted temperature perception. When you have an infection or traumatic injury, your body temperature will rise.

Why do people feel tired after eating?

Body temperature naturally varies slightly after eating or drinking, depending on the type and temperature of food. The body conducts heat through its circulatory system, so as blood moves to the digestive system and away from the extremities, so does your body heat.

What Causes Cold Chills After Eating?

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