How to get from luang prabang airport to city

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how to get from luang prabang airport to city


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After having a long flight to this charming city, you will surely wonder about which kind of transportation leading you from Luang Prabang International airport to its central city in a distance of 4 kilometers. Actually, depending on your travel style and how much the amount of money and time that you have, the most appropriate way for you will be found out. Here are 3 most viable forms of transportation to get this wonderful city center and even freely explore every tiny corner. In fact, Luang Prabang International Airport not only provides various services including shopping, accommodation, essential information, currency exchange, and ATM but also offers standard transportation options. When walking out the arrival gate, you will enter a car park where a wide range of people are waiting for passengers to pick them up to hotel as booking previously. If your journey goes along Phetsarat road, it takes 10 minutes while about 13 minutes for the Route No one can deny that tuk-tuk is the best option combining between saving time and money for all travelers.

Is there a set rate, are we meant to negotiate or is there a process similar to Thailand, where there is a taxi stand and ticket system? I am not sure about taxis as I have always taken a tuk-tuk from the airport, since it's only a minute ride into the city. You should always agree the price upfront. My guess is that there will always be tuk-tuks waiting to greet arrivals, no matter what time of day the flight lands. You shouldn't need to pay any more than 40 - 50,kip.

Luang Prabang International Airport is just 4km from the city center. A spacious new terminal opened in , but depending on your craft, you may still experience a blast of nostalgia walking across the tarmac for departure or arrival. Domestic Routes: Vientiane and Pakse. The ticket counter is by the exit. A tuk-tuk is not allowed to pick the tourists at the airport.

See other briefs for Luang Prabang. I'm Laotian living in Vientiane but to go LP a lot. Transportation Airport Airport Transportation. Best way to get into the city from Luang Prabang International Airport. The airport is situated about 4 kilometers outside of city center To get to town from Luang Prabang Airport, there are 3 options: Taxi - best option for most people Tuk Tuk - slightly cheaper but not worth it in my opinion Hotel pickup - use it if available but make sure it's not too expensive There is no public transportation like buses or trains from the airport to town Always check with your hotel first to see if they offer pickup service and how much they charge for it.

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I plan to stay in LB for about 4 days I read about the bamboo bridges but not sure where to find more info about them in this forum It costs five bucks from the airport to the central zone. Ten outside of that. Eight minute journey. I've always had so called "free" transport to and from and hosted by the guest house. Very convenient and no hassle.

The hotel wants to charge USD 10,00, which seems a lot of mone for me. Cars is always more, so the hotel might send a car. You should be able to get a Tuk Tuk in front of the airport. However, if more than you are travelling, make sure you pay less. They like to put as many people as possible into a Tuk Tuk for the same price, which could mean a longer journey if you are not the first one to be dropped off. I was happy to exit immigration and see our names on a placard. This topic has been closed to new posts due to inactivity.


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