How to get a collection agency to stop calling you

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Handling Debt Collection Calls: Do's and Don'ts

how to get a collection agency to stop calling you

Eliminate Annoying Calls from Debt Collectors. Calls from debt collectors can be very annoying, to say the least. Debt collectors are required to abide by a Federal law, the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA).

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Unfortunately, in some of those contacts, rogue debt collectors step way over the legal line. According to the lawsuit Mey filed, debt collectors implied they were going to seize her home and followed up with sexually menacing calls. And here's the kicker: It wasn't even her debt! Diana Mey is debt-free. The debt collection industry is an important part of our economy.

You aren't alone: one in three Americans holds debt in collections, according to the Urban Institute. Getting collection calls at work, at dinner, or after hours repeatedly can be nerve-racking and even agonizing. If that's the situation you're in, you need to know that plenty of others have been where you are now and have since broken free. Maybe you didn't understand the loan terms and options when you signed up. Or maybe you're unaware of your basic rights. We created DebtConsolidation. So again, remember: you aren't alone and you can end the sleepless nights.

Are debt collector calls to a cell phone legal? In many situations they are not. But debt collectors will call you anyway because they know you likely won't do much about it. You can stop these calls to your cell phone however. However, it also applies to debt collection calls.

Collection agencies are notorious for harassing consumers into paying up — frequent calls at work and at home about your outstanding debts can only make the situation worse. But you can regain control of the situation with a few steps, from educating yourself about your rights to taking the initiative to facing your debts head-on. Here are 4 helpful steps to stop collection calls and creditor harassment you can do on your own without even having to involve a Canadian debtors association:. For starters, you need to make sure the creditor or collection agency is contacting you for debts that actually belong to you. Sometimes credit card companies and banks sell off old debts they were unsuccessful in collecting to a debt collection agency. The files are lumped together and shipped over to the third party company to recover the money. The information could be outdated, or nearing the statute of limitations, which is when creditors lose their right to enforce payment.

How To Permanently Stop Debt Collectors From Calling You

There are laws in place to protect you when dealing with debt collectors, and there are agencies that can help you navigate through the different debt relief options. If a debt collection agency calls you, determine first whether the collection agent is actually collecting on a debt that belongs to you.


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  1. Are debt collectors calling you all day long, buzzing your phone early in the morning and late at night?

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