How to get rid of baby belly after birth

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How to Get Rid of Hanging Belly After Pregnancy

how to get rid of baby belly after birth

Your tummy may be squishier and rounder than you expected after birth. Here's how You can't get rid of stretch marks completely, but they will fade over time.


If you're having a tough time trying to get rid of your baby belly, you may suffer from diastasis recti, but these exercises can help. Diastasis recti is a condition in which the stomach muscles that separated to make room for the baby don't come back together after giving birth, and it can make it difficult to lose the baby weight. For a quick test to see if you have diastasis, click here. But exercise can help. Fitness expert Erin Denton, a certified postnatal exercise specialist, says these three moves from her Postnatal Rescue workout DVD will start you on the path back to strong, flat abs and they work well to tighten your tummy if you don't have diastasis too! Do 10 reps of each every day for a week, then 20 reps for three to four weeks.

My kingdom for a tighter tummy!
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By Kalli Anderson Dec 19, She was also diagnosed with diastasis recti , a common post-pregnancy condition that involves separation of the muscles in the abdominal wall. All women even the Duchess of Cambridge! Before starting an exercise program, she recommends getting assessed by a pelvic-floor physiotherapist to check for diastasis recti and make sure your pelvic-floor and other core muscles are functioning properly. Through targeted exercises, you can retrain your core muscles to function together properly, says Anniken Chadwick, a Vancouver physiotherapist who specializes in pelvic-floor and postpartum health. Chadwick advises women who have had Caesarian sections to consider massage or even acupuncture after the incision is fully healed to try to loosen up scar tissue.

How Long It Takes Your Belly to Go Down After Birth

3 Abs Exercises Designed to Shrink Your Post-Baby Belly

A postpartum weight-loss timeline. The average newborn weighs approximately 7. But how many pounds will YOU weigh when you walk out of the delivery room? And how long will it take for you to get your pre-baby body back? While the timeline is different for every woman and is based on a number of factors— how much weight you gained while pregnant , whether or not you're breastfeeding, your diet and exercise habits—there are certain weight-loss milestones you can mark on your calendar. The skin over your belly has been slowly stretching out to accommodate your growing uterus over the last nine months of pregnancy. After delivery of the baby, the uterus shrinks down to the level of the belly button, which helps explain why women lose an average of 12 pounds almost immediately after giving birth.

As a bachelor's-prepared registered nurse with more than 15 years of diversified experience, Juliet Wilkinson innerves our health-conscious population through expert articles. She is a motivated professional who believes that preventive care is the first step towards health and well-being. Loose abdominal muscles, extra skin, fat and a relaxed pelvic girdle all help create the hanging belly look after pregnancy. You can get that pre-pregnancy body back -- albeit with some battle-wounds -- but it is going to take time and effort. Just giving birth alone helped you shed about 10 pounds. Depending on your pregnancy weight gain, those 10 pounds may not even make a dent in your postpartum belly.

In fact, working only the outer abdominal muscles, as crunches do, without strengthening the underlying ones first can actually make your pooch worse. With your doctor's OK, try the first move one week after delivery, eventually working up to all five moves, three to four times a week. Keep clicking to master the moves. Do this move as early as one week after you have your baby if you had a vaginal delivery; if you had a C-section you might have to wait 8 to 10 weeks. Lie on your back with your knees bent and a pillow under your hips and another between your knees.



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