How long do you have to get a tetanus shot

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Do I need a tetanus jab (vaccine) after an accident or injury?

how long do you have to get a tetanus shot

How to Avoid Tetanus

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Back to Accidents, first aid and treatments. You may need a tetanus jab if the injury has broken your skin and your tetanus vaccinations aren't up-to-date. Tetanus is a serious but rare condition that can be fatal if untreated. The bacteria that can cause tetanus can enter your body through a wound or cut in your skin. They're often found in soil and manure. You may need additional treatment for a serious or dirty wound that's considered to be tetanus-prone.

Everyone has gotten a cut or a scrape. Usually after a minor injury, you clean the cut, and put a band-aid on it. Tetanus is a bacterial disease that goes after your nervous system. Symptoms of a tetanus infection includes jaw muscle spasms, stiff neck muscles, fever, and rapid heart rate. If left untreated, a tetanus infection can be life threatening to some people. The DTaP vaccine immunizes against tetanus, diphtheria, and pertussis.

Do I Need A Tetanus Shot?

Tetanus is a serious disease caused by a bacterial toxin that affects your nervous system, leading to painful muscle contractions, particularly of your jaw and neck muscles. Tetanus can interfere with your ability to breathe and can threaten your life.

It's usually OK to receive an extra booster of the tetanus vaccine. This is especially true if you're being treated for an acute injury, such as a deep cut or puncture wound.


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