Is it safe to get a cavity filled while pregnant

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Is It Safe To Go To the Dentist During Pregnancy?

is it safe to get a cavity filled while pregnant

15 Weeks Pregnant - Tooth Extraction & Oral Surgery


Slightly less obviousbut of equal importancein keeping your little peanut healthy are your regular dental appointments. Outside of the increased risk of tooth decay thanks to those constant cravings for sugary snacks , preventative dental care can also help you avoid gum disease and other oral infections, which have been linked to premature labor and low-birth-weight infants. Routine checkups, teeth cleanings and other necessary treatments, such as dental X-rays, fillings, crowns, root canals and tooth extractions, are considered safe during pregnancy. If possible, have any necessary dental procedures during the second trimester, from weeks 14 to week Delaying emergency dental work, however, at any time during your pregnancy could lead to further complications and increase the risk of infection. Additionally, while some women go the whole nine months with no issues whatsoever, pregnancy can sometimes make existing dental conditions worse.

New Patient Appointment. Call Us: New Patient Appointment or Your Pregnancy Matters. In fact, just the opposite is true good dental hygiene is part of a healthy lifestyle for everyone. More in: Your Pregnancy Matters, pregnant, dentist, pregnancy.

Is Having Dental Work During Pregnancy Safe? Dental work while pregnant, such as cavity fillings and crowns, should be treated to administered should be as little as possible, but still enough to make you comfortable.
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Which dental treatments are safe when you're pregnant?

There are a lot of things expecting moms have to think about the pregnancy to-do list seems endless, but you might want to add one thing to it: a trip to the dentist. You see, the pregnancy changes the mouth just as much as the body. The overflowing hormones can cause gums to swell or bleed.

Dental treatment can be done at any time during pregnancy. However, the best time to perform elective dental treatment during pregnancy is in the second trimester, weeks 14 through By this time, the development of the fetal organs is complete and the risk of side effects is lower.
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