Tom vs time episode 3

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tom vs time episode 3

Tom vs. Time - Religion of Sports - Chapter 1 - Trailer

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Tom vs Time is an American documentary web television series created by Gotham Chopra that was released from January 25 to March 12, on Facebook Watch. On January 9, , it was announced that Facebook Watch had given a series order to Tom vs Time , a new docuseries starring football quarterback Tom Brady. Brady granted Chopra extensive access to his life. Chopra went on to explain that the episode had originally been "tied to the Pats winning the Super Bowl" and that following their defeat the episode had to be redeveloped. Simultaneously with the initial series announcement, Facebook released a trailer for the first season of the show. Chopra has indicated that there are currently no plans for any subsequent season.

These keep getting better and better and I can not get enough of them. Tom vs Time is my new favorite show and it is not even close. If you like sports, I do not understand how you could not enjoy this. It is a better version of a 30 for 30 because it is Tom Brady telling the story himself. It is a look into the life and mind of the greatest football player of all time and watching him train coming off of his 5th! Super Bowl victory getting prepared in the offseason for going after his 6th!

Sign in. See the list. Stephen vs The Game introduces Stephen Curry's journey to the NBA, his accomplishments and all the things he had to overcome to become the best shooting guard ever in the league's history. Expectations are high for Cam Newton and the Panthers as they begin a season that could be the last for some of Carolina's most celebrated players. A wide-ranging look at the life and storied career of basketball star Kobe Bryant provides insight into the player's mentorships and rivalries, his year tenure in the National Basketball A look at the changing role of athletes in our fraught cultural and political environment, through the lens of the NBA. The cast encompasses

Coming off the greatest comeback in Super Bowl history, New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is already looking ahead to next season. This premiere episode offers an intimate look inside Tom's unique, well honed training process - and his drive for perfection - heading into the NFL season. Time' above. Time" air its first episode? You won't have to wait long for it. The series will premiere Thursday, Jan. Fans can add episodes to their Watchlists by following the Tom vs.

Time: The Social Game" premiered on Tuesday afternoon, and the third episode of Tom Brady's docu-series explored his relationship with his teammates. The episode pulls back the curtain on how some of Tom's receivers earn Tom's trust, especially Danny Amendola and Julian Edelman. The trio spent time this offseason training in Montana, and while they had their fun golfing, riding mountain bikes and what looked like throwing rocks off the top of a mountain, the guys worked hard. Your role is very fragile," Tom said. This overlaid with scenes of Tom and Julian chirping with each other on the practice field exemplifies how dynamic their relationships are. They push each other to be better on the field to the point of getting chippy, yet when they step away it's light-hearted and fun. These moments away from the football field are ones Patriots fans won't want to miss.

Tom vs Time episode 3 gives a fascinating inside look at those mysterious workouts. It's clear in these workout videos why the pair have become Brady's most trusted wide receivers in recent years. But like any close friendship or strong working relationship, they're not above the occasional argument either. Brady is shown repeatedly bickering with Edelman over various parts of their outdoor workouts. Edelman can't believe how much he's getting killed for lifting weights so much - just a bench press, according to him.

Tom vs. Time Episode 3: Tom Brady finds time to bond with his buds Danny Amendola, Julian Edelman




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  1. Tom Brady may be the greatest football player of all time, but football is a team sport. As Tom puts it, he's nothing without the guys around him.

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