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Jillian Mele Bio

where is jillian mele today

Jillian Mele's 36th Birthday 9/18/18

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Mele was on the desk along with co-host Rob Schmitt on Monday morning when they introduced a woman who they thought was Arizona congressional candidate Ann Kirkpatrick. Kirkpatrick, a former Democratic U. Except it wasn't her. The problem being that Katz now works for Barbara L'Italien, a Democratic Massachusetts state senator and current congressional candidate as well. The segment drew heavy media attention for the gaffe — not the first high-profile blunder Mele has been apart of since joining FOX — but one particularly scathing critique came from Jamie O'Grady, the lawyer and writer who co-founded the now-defunct sports website The Cauldron.

News Anchor @foxnews | hoping people start treating each other with more respect ?? | Instagram: jillianbmele | Facebook: Jillian Mele.
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Jillian Mele is one of the most notable personalities at Fox, especially in the morning. Wake up to a vibrant morning at Fox News, where she and her co-host are ready to keep you updated. Her responsibilities include contributing to segments and reporting on the latest headlines, something she had been doing ever since she joined Fox News in Jillian is a vibrant co-host that will make your morning worthwhile as you watch your favourite morning show on Fox. It is a local breakfast news show that earned her an Emmy for her impressive work.

There are quite a good number of presenters on radio and television who listeners and viewers may never wish to miss any of their shows because of their sensational golden voice, beauty or the special way or artistry they anchor their shows. Jillian Mele is one of such. Find out more about what makes her special, including what she has achieved in her career thus far and whose wife she is. Jillian is the only daughter of the three children born by her parents. While growing up, she was a good dancer and played golf too. She graduated with a degree in Communication in at the prime age of

Who is Jillian Mele from Fox News? Her Bio: Husband, Collage, Weight, Marriage, Wiki

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Former CSN Philly host Jillian Mele gets a promotion at Fox News

A good deal of positives could be drawn from individuals who select a particular area of undertaking and take it head on, sweeping accolades and enjoying oneself in the procedure. Jillian Mele is definitely one of these. Jillian moved to La Salle University where she majored in Art and communicating then went to graduate with a degree in communication in She also conducted other classes at different institutions, performing two decades of communicating at The University of Scranton. Upon graduation, she interned in Comcast Sports Net at Philadelphia. Dare to state that her profession has increased in leaps and bounds since those early phases.

Jillian Mele spent her childhood in Philadelphia, where she was raised with two brothers by her father, Thomas Mele, and her mother, Roseanna Ziemek. She trained in ballet dancing for 13 years. Upon matriculation from high school, she enrolled into the University of Scranton, majoring there in Mass Communication for two years, after which she transferred to La Salle University, graduating with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Arts and Communication in May of Thanks to her experience during her studies and her noticeable talent, Jillian got a chance to work for WAGM-TV as an anchor and correspondent immediately after her graduation. All of these added considerable experience and amounts to her net worth.

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  2. She has not revealed the name of her boyfriend but she has given the hint that he is from Boston.

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