Why are we being lied to about flat earth

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How To Talk To A Flat-Earther

why are we being lied to about flat earth

Flat Earthers – those people who believe our planet is flat and Nasa is nothing more than a including 'Flat Earth with the Scientific Method' and 'Waking up to Mainstream Science Lies'. Riveting Riveting stuff, we're sure.

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But for just as long, and despite an abundance of photos of the globe seen from space, one baffling theory has refused to admit defeat: the idea that the Earth is flat. In order to make Behind the Curve , a documentary now available on Netflix, director Daniel J Clark and his team embedded themselves in the Flat Earth community in an attempt to provide a well-rounded picture of a fringe group which used to being mocked. Though at first Sargent may seem like a lone wolf, we are quickly introduced to a host of like-minded people who feel the exact same way. A pseudoscientific worldview based on the principle that the government is lying to us, Flat Earth theory provides a home for a spectrum of ideas, including that the Earth is thousands of years old, that we live on a Hollywood sound stage, and that vaccinations are a conspiracy. The scientists and psychologists featured in the documentary take the time to explain the phenomena involved, and point out that simply telling people they are wrong often entrenches their ideas. We had a chat with Daniel about what he learned during the making of the film, and how it is has been received.

I'm still not exactly sure how a flat Earth is supposed to work, but here's a cool-looking sketch of one from the 's. I won't presume to know your family or your friend group, but I'm willing to bet there's a decent chance that at least one person you know doesn't believe that the Earth is curved. Instead they argue, with either a mountain of plausible-sounding statements or just vague deflections about government secrets and conspiracies, that the Earth is flat. That orbits are an illusion. That astronomy is a lie. That the truth is hidden.

By Alan Burdick. On the last Sunday afternoon in March, Mike Hughes, a sixty-two-year-old limousine driver from Apple Valley, California, successfully launched himself above the Mojave Desert in a homemade steam-powered rocket. In , he allegedly flew thirteen hundred and seventy-four feet in a garage-built rocket and was injured when it crashed. He planned to try again in , but his Kickstarter campaign, which aimed to raise a hundred and fifty thousand dollars, netted just two supporters and three hundred and ten dollars. Further attempts were scrubbed—mechanical problems, logistical hurdles, hassles from the U. Bureau of Land Management.

Flat Earth SHOCK: How conspiracist CONFRONTED ‘NASA employee over LIES'

This week, The Flat Earth International Conference took place in North Carolina — attracting a swarm of people who genuinely believe the Earth is some sort of pancake thing. Then feel your jaw hit the floor as you realise how many people there are who genuinely believe all space missions are fakes, NASA is a fraud and all world governments are lying to us. -


We've known since around the 3rd century BC that the planet on which we live is a sphere. a well-rounded picture of a fringe group which used to being mocked . that the government is lying to us, Flat Earth theory provides a home . Even with Flat Earth, when we started I made sure I really looked for.
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  1. What a burgeoning movement says about science, solace, and how a theory becomes truth.

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