How to make a nutella milkshake

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Ultimate Nutella Milkshake

how to make a nutella milkshake

DIY NUTELLA MILKSHAKE! (Nutella, Maltesers, Ice Cream & MORE!)

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First time visiting The Little Kitchen? Start Here. She cares about others and wants to do a lot of good. Go Connie! One of the places we stopped at was Boloco and I ordered a nutella milkshake.

In order to make a shake, you need a blender. Well, funny story…. We at Plated love finding workarounds, offering tips , and revealing tricks in the kitchen—and this milkshake solution does all of those things. No blender? No problem. Pro tip: One thing you will need is a mason jar or other lidded container that stays on nice and tight, because this recipe calls for shaking things up. Want more dessert recipes?

This recipe for nutella milkshakes only has three ingredients! It's so easy to make and includes a video to show you how easy it is!.
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These past few weeks, the cold weather has been brutal here in New York. It has been a hibernation period for me. Cabin fever is beginning to take over me. With only a few ingredients, you can have a super tasty and completely refreshing drink that everyone in the family will love. I like to add a little splash of vanilla for added flavor and aroma. Now, tell that is not just simple and yummmmy! How do you brighten your days up?

For the last few weeks, FH has been going through a milkshake phase. Every day he wants a milkshake and he has been buying them like crazy. I enjoy milkshakes, but once in a while is enough for me. The shakes are so thick, that I find it hard to finish one. To save him some money, I decided to make him one. And then I suddenly thought of trying to do a Nutella one. I made a vanilla ice cream shake and added some Nutella.

Nutella Milkshakes

My Chocolate Milkshake is also a delicious milkshake for all my chocolate-lovers out there, but this Nutella Milkshake is also a huge hit in my house and possibly my favorite chocolate milkshake ever! The recipe is easy and simple and oh-so-delicious, keep reading to snag it and create this yummy milkshake for yourself.

And then I suddenly thought of trying to do a Nutella one. Because I'm If you love Nutella you will love this easy milkshake! Print Recipe.
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