How to know the real value of a house

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10 Awesome Websites Who Let You Check Your Home’s Value

how to know the real value of a house

Property Valuation Method 1 - Fair Market Value (Hindi, India)

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If you stalk the real estate listings in your neighborhood and make the open house rounds on the weekends you may feel pretty good about your real estate knowledge. I know I like to play the game of guessing my home's value every time a house near us sells. But real estate can be a high stakes game, even if it sometimes seems like play money being thrown around on real estate TV shows. A misstep can cost thousands, even tens of thousands of dollars, but how do you even know what you don't know? To get some insight into mistakes many of us may be making when it comes to our houses, I talked with Seattle-based real estate expert Aaron Hendon. And did he set me straight.

Selling your home is a big decision. It can feel like a giant mountain of a task, and you may have no idea where to start. Your worst nightmare is selling way below value and losing money. When you know the facts, you make better decisions. Keep in mind that a serious buyer will take critical mental note of the following:. Location, location, location: How close is your home to highways, schools and shopping centers?

But why take their word for it? It can also provide a picture of your overall financial health. And in doing so, they water down the accuracy. The AVMs used by lenders and real estate professionals are different. Professional-grade AVMs with confidence scores linked to accuracy are a step up from the real estate sites, Rasmussen says. But you should always talk to a local real estate expert to get more insight into any online valuation.

Buying a home is such an exciting — and important — milestone. Outside of providing a place for your family to live, your home is an important part of your financial plan, too. Get Homeowners Insurance Quotes at Travelers. One financial advisor I spoke to, Joseph Carbone, says the best part about Zillow is the layout of the site and how easy it is to use. Once you reach the website, you can enter your address and learn how much your home might be worth. Instead of offering a Zestimate , however, Trulia offers the average listing price for similar homes in your area.

What is your house worth? Many people go for years without questioning the stated value of their home. Speaking of your neighborhood, get all the facts. This site will show you how much crime takes place in your neighborhood. Many factors go into determining a home's value including location, square footage, age, the condition of the house, and neighborhood "comps," to name a few. Before you speak with buyers or realtors, gather several different estimates.

Find out the real value of your house, for free

How Do I Find the True Market Value of a Home I’m Considering?

It will help you avoid any unpleasant surprises later and also give you a precise idea of the price the property could be sold for on the market. If this fee is insufficient due, e. This document contains various items of information:. The ING mortgage loan, the ING bridging loan and the Mortgage loan combined are mortgage loans subject to the law of April concerning mortgage loans. Offer reserved for natural persons over the age of 18 and subject to prior acceptance of your application by ING Belgium and to mutual agreement.

Find out if you're eligible for an FHA loan. Keep in mind that property valuation is not an exact science. Unless they bought the home a month ago, the original purchase price is likely irrelevant to the current market. Many sellers list their homes for the amount needed to pay off the loan. This is wishful thinking, and nothing more. The first thing you need to do is track home sales in the area.


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  1. Want to know how much your house is worth? “Most AVMs on real estate sites are generally for marketing and lead generation purposes,” says David.

  2. Before you sell a home, use these three easy steps to determine its value! If you're trying to sell your home, an expert real estate agent can help you Before you get too excited about this number and slap a price on your house, dig a little .

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