How to see a ufo in gta 5

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Underwater UFO

how to see a ufo in gta 5

Grand Theft Auto V is the first game in the GTA series which features real UFOs within the game. All of the UFOs For the myth in other GTA games, see UFOs.

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UFOs Unidentified Flying Objects are anomalies in the sky, which usually take the form of spacecrafts piloted by unknown beings. All of the UFOs are indestructible to damage inflicted by normal means, such as firearms, vehicles, etc. Three can be found hovering high up in the sky, while another one can be found on the ocean floor at the north end of the game map. Despite there being proven UFOs in the game at set locations that exist as Easter eggs, many players claim that these are not the only ones. They claim that there are occasionally unexplainable and unidentifiable objects flying about over San Andreas.

But what does it mean? The genius of this mystery, whether intentional or not, is that Rockstar have turned a large section of their playerbase into precisely the kind of tinfoil hat-wearing UFO nuts they mock in their games. Some people say the trail is leading to a jetpack. After all, the icon on the bottom-right of the mural does look a bit like one. Others say there are flyable spaceships waiting to be discovered.

Text Contribution:. Add another file. Players have two options to choose from in order to see this easter egg. Since the egg is so deep below the oceans surface players must have Scuba Gear only found in single player , the Rebreather only found online or a mini-sub which can either be bought or stolen. Off the northern coast of San Andreas there is a large UFO that has sank to the bottom of the ocean less than a mile offshore.

According to MCV , the recent turmoil didn't stop the open world crime sim from becoming the UK's highest selling game for the 13th time last week—and it certainly hasn't stopped the game's UFO hunters from uncovering new 'Chiliad Mystery' data. First, some background information for those uninitiated: since Grand Theft Auto 5's console launch, and its PC introduction two years later, a facet of the game's playerbase has dedicated itself to uncovering a so-called "conspiracy" tied to UFOs and a supposed in-game government cover-up. This wall marking kicked things off:. In line with the PC launch, we dived deep into the scheme, while Andy has since gathered a number of theories and explored a community in turmoil. The map above clearly identifies aliens and some sort of egg as integral to the mystery—the former of which can be spotted hovering above Fort Zancudo upon if certain in-game criteria are met—however the latter has remained elusive till now.

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