How to slide on a longboard

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How to Powerslide on a Longboard

how to slide on a longboard

Learning how to slide on a longboard doesn't have to be hard. Discover these simple 3 steps that will teach you how to slide a longboard in no.

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Approach as you would most other slides weight centered, relaxed posture, knees slightly bent, ready. Carve into the slide slightly, keeping your weight on your heel edge, and bend your knees to get yourself nice and low. The setup for this is really the same as the frontside the lower you get, the easier it will be. To get the board to slide, carve hard whilst straightening your legs suddenly to pop up and unweight the board. Swing your front arm up to accentuate this, and kick out with your back foot. This is where the similarity to the frontside ends. You want to kick the back of the board out without generating the rotation that you did for the

Keep your weight centered, knees bent, and your posture relaxed. Do a little carve across to the other side of the road, which winds your body up ready to do the slide. Crouch low on your board. Plant your front hand on the road, out in front and to the side of your wheels. Stay leaning forward!!

Long boarding is an art and technique that not everyone knows. To excel in long boarding, you must know the tips and tricks so that you can slide easily with full control over the board. Once when you will learn these basics, you will get to know how to slide. Sliding on a long board involves pulling the board out and let the wheels move freely so as not to grip the pavement. While sliding on the long board, you must wear special gloves having plates which will act as brakes. Number of ways is there to slide on a long board but the most basic method is bending down and keeping your hands on the ground in front direction when the board slides out.

How to Slide on a Longboard

Learning how to slide can be difficult for beginning and intermediate riders but it can add an entire another dimension to your rides. Do you want to perform a simple speed check when flying down a hill? Perform a slide on your longboard.

How to Frontside Powerslide

Cart 0. Menu Cart 0. Longboard Sliding Techniques for beginners - Coleman Slide. Now you have your first longboard and want to know how to stop. One trick is to learn how to slide. This is a commonly used technique to a quick stop.

I guess drifting around a curve or performing a simple speed check during a downhill ride is on the to-do list of any riders when it comes to longboarding. No doubt, sliding is like a must if you want to learn more advanced techniques. But it might be difficult for both beginners and intermediate riders since you need to force the longboard wheels to lose traction whilst keeping a good balance. Hence, this article is all about teaching how to slide on a longboard easily and quickly. Read on! To ensure the best safety, check out these must-have kinds of gear:.




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  1. To me, learning how to powerslide has been a major goal from the start, even though I must admit it looked quite scary for a beginner.

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