How much do teacup dogs cost

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Facts About Teacup Dog Breeds Prospective Buyers Should Know

how much do teacup dogs cost


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Teacup dogs! Are these cute little puppies a scandal just waiting to happen, or is their controversial breeding just another hot story that will soon pass? No matter what you hear, knowing the facts can help ease your fears and let you enjoy your cute puppy with peace of mind. The secret and major source of the gripe with teacup dogs is in the way they are bred. Notably, teacup dog breeders purposely practice inbreeding to get ever-smaller offspring. But inbreeding comes with a host of problems for the little pooches, such as the perpetuation of deleterious genes, poor fertility, and increased chance of physical defects, among other problems.

What are Teacup Puppies? As the name implies, teacup puppies are very small dogs which are meant to fit inside a teacup or coffee cup. Teacup puppies may belong to different breeds. Wondering about teacup dog breeds? Common teacup dog breeds include teacup Yorkies, teacup Chihuahuas, teacup Maltese, teacup Pomeranians, teacup pugs, teacup poodles, teacup silky terriers and teacup shih-tzus. How are They Created? When breeders selectively breed small dogs, they may occasionally stumble on runts of the litter.

Our tiny teacup divas and divos are guaranteed to melt your heart with their furry faces, zesty energy, and vibrant personalities. Each teacup puppy is unique in appearance, adaptability, and personality, and deserves a caring, nurturing, and loving home. We pride ourselves by bringing home to you micro teacup puppies with stellar health records and providing a one-year health guarantee. Browse our website by breed, or contact us directly for more information about our micro teacup puppies for sale or to place a special order. Find your dream fur-ever teacup puppy today!

Adrienne is a certified dog trainer, former veterinary assistant, and the author of "Brain Training for Dogs. Teacup, as the name implies, is a term meant to depict smaller-than-average dog breeds. The term is quite flashy and attractive when one reads it advertised on the Sunday newspaper as pictures of cute, small dog breeds capable of comfortably fitting into a coffee cup come to mind. As innocent as the term teacup puppy or dog may appear, there are a lot of important facts to become aware of before falling in love with these dogs and considering paying a premium price for one. Learning more facts about them can help make the difference between enduring many heartaches and expenses and enjoying a dog for many years to come.

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Teacup dogs are also referred to as:. Unofficially, a teacup dog is a dog that is at least 1 year old and measures at 17 inches or less. They generally weigh 4 pounds or less at maturity. There are no specific breeds for teacup dogs , as they are not an officially recognized breed. However, popular teacup breed favorites include:.

Teacup puppies is our specialty. We have mini Frenchies and English Bulldogs as well as other small breeds. Visit our boutique which contains anything you need for your little babies and you can also see our teacup puppies there as well. There is no affiliation between www. Teacup Puppies is our specialty. We offer tiny teacup breeds and a variety of gorgeous teacup puppies and high end dogs and tiny toys with gorgeous faces and beautiful coats.

Their hearts may be tiny. But they still beat for you. Trouble is, for so-called teacup dogs, those hearts beat so hard and so fast to help push blood through their frail, underdeveloped bodies , it often adds up to heartbreak. Welcome to the misery that is miniaturization. I'm sure it was a TV show or something. And then everyone had to have one. The definition of teacup is pretty loose.




Trouble is, for so-called teacup dogs, those hearts beat so hard and so And, much to some new teacup owners' surprise, they can't quite do.
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