How to kill a spider without going near it

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How do you kill spiders without going near them ?

how to kill a spider without going near it

If you have a door or window in the room that the spider is in, try leaving method of getting a spider out of your home without killing it. If you are too afraid to get near it, try using something with a long.

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This post originally appeared on Reductress. You get home from work, go into the bathroom to turn on the shower and there it is: a terrifying, one-inch monster. Your obvious reaction is to call a man, but what happens if your man isn't around to do it for you? Here are a few steps to help destroy the spider by any means necessary, including finding another man:. You may think these heavy blocks of paper are just a way to reach the top kitchen cabinet, but they are actually effective bug murdering machines when dropped or thrown.

Spiders are generally harmless pests. Some can cause some fairly horrific bites, but in general they are afraid of humans and only bite when they are either immediately threatened or surprised. Still, many people are scared of spiders, and in some cases that fear may be so great that once they see a spider in their home they simply do not have the strength to kill it the traditional way. For those people that are so afraid of spiders that the idea of grabbing a spider with a paper towel is simply too terrifying, there are other ways to kill spiders that perhaps you feel brave enough to try. We seal up all entrances, use pesticides only when needed, and protect your home for months. Not valid on one-time services.

In most cases, this may be enough, but if you have to deal with the spider e. However, because spiders play an important role in ecosystems, you may also want to consider trapping the spider and letting it go outside. If you need to kill a spider but you have arachnophobia, vacuum the spider up and throw the bag into your outdoor garbage can.
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Pest Wiki. Research your local area to find any of the usual venomous types that may invade your home. A few of the most common spiders that can be deadly are:. A few of the tips that will help you identify potentially dangerous spiders are:. The great thing about these spiders is that they have a behavior that is predictable.

How to Kill a Spider When You Have a Phobia

How to get rid of a spider without touching it

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