How to remove skin moles

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Can I get rid of a mole by myself?

how to remove skin moles

Moles and Mole Removal- Q&A with dermatologist Dr Dray


Moles are clusters of pigment-producing cells that can appear anywhere on the skin—alone or in groups—as tan, brown, black, or yellowish, skin-toned spots. If you have a mole you want to remove, the safest, most effective way to do it is by consulting with a doctor to have it professionally removed. It's an easy out-patient procedure for benign, noncancerous moles that just takes a few minutes. Attempting to remove a mole on your own can result in scarring, bleeding, infection, and the possibility of missing a cancerous mole. If you really don't want to deal with surgery, try fading the appearance of your mole using an unverified home remedy. If you want to remove a mole without surgery, visit your dermatologist to see if the mole can be shaved, burned, or frozen away in the office. Some doctors and dermatologists also perform laser mole removal.

Moles are common skin growths. You probably have more than one on your face and body. Most people have 10 to 40 moles somewhere on their skin. Most moles are harmless and nothing to worry about. The moles you absolutely need to consider removing are ones that have changed. See a dermatologist for a checkup. You might be tempted to remove moles at home because of the convenience and cost.

What You Can Expect Before, During, and After Mole Removal

Moles — also called nevi — are common skin growths that typically look like small, round, brown spots. Moles are clusters of skin cells called melanocytes. Melanocytes are cells that produce and contain the melanin that determines our skin color.

How to Remove Moles

If, for example, you have a mole that your doctor suspects or has confirmed through a biopsy is cancerous , excising the mole can help to stop any cancer from potentially growing more. Goldenberg says. A biopsy usually involves taking cells or samples from the mole to be analyzed in a lab, according to the Mayo Clinic. Moles are usually just clusters of pigment cells called melanocytes, according to the Cleveland Clinic , but sometimes they can become cancerous. A biopsy helps determine if there is anything wrong with the mole, like melanoma , the deadliest form of skin cancer. Your doctor will typically perform a skin biopsy by using a tool similar to a razor to shave off the mole, using a circular device to remove a section of the mole, or using a scalpel to remove the whole thing, the Mayo Clinic says. What are some clear signs you should ask your dermatologist whether or not a mole needs a biopsy?

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Show less A mole, also called a nevus, is a growth on the skin due to the clustering of pigment cells. Most adults have 10 to 40 moles. Some moles, however, can signify melanoma - a potentially deadly skin cancer that is much, much easier to cure if the malignancy is caught and treated early. To get rid of a skin mole, try mixing lemon juice and honey and applying it for minutes once a day, which can help lighten the mole and reduce its appearance.

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